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Type Power   consumption Size Base Wavelength Irradiance   @ 1m
UVCH15D25X437-G13 15W 25*437mm G13 253.7nm 60uW/cm2 9000h
UVCH25D25X437-G13 25W 25*437mm G13 253.7nm 80uW/cm2 9000h
UVCH30D25X894-G13 30W 25*894mm G13 253.7nm 120uW/cm2 9000h
UVCH36D25X1198-G13 36W 25*1198mm G13 253.7nm 150uW/cm2 9000h
UVCH55D25X894-G13 55W 25*894mm G13 253.7nm 200uW/cm2 9000h


• Low Mercury Dose to Meet Environmental Demands 

• High Purity Lamp Construction to Stabilize UV Output and Minimizes Depreciation

• Large Production Capacity with Consistent Quality



   Q      What is germicidal UVC?

   A       Germicidal UV (GUV) refers to using ultraviolet radiant energy to inactivate bacteria, mold spores, fungi or viruses. Wavelengths in the photobiological ultraviolet spectral band known as the “UV-C,” from 200 to 280 nanometers (nm), have been shown to be the most effective for disinfection, although longer, less energetic UV can also disinfect if applied in much greater doses. 

   Q      Can UV-C kill viruses as well as bacteria?

   A       Yes, UV-C kills living bacteria and inactivate viruses. It can inactivate the SARS-CoV-2 virus, responsible for COVID-19 if illuminated by UV-C at the effective dose level

   Q      What is the applications for UV light?

   A       The UV lamp can be used in air, surface and water disinfection.


   Q      Do we need a ballast for UV light?

   A       Yes, a ballast is needed. the ballast provides a high voltage charge to ‘strike’ or ‘ionize’ the mercury. Then, once the mercury is ionized, the ballast reduces the voltage and amperage required to keep the 

mercury ionized and emit a stable stream of UV light.

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