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The technology behind image projection has progressed to high intensity projection devices used today in conference rooms, classrooms and homes around the world.As one of the industry leaders, GMY offers high performance P-VIP lamps for both front projectors and rear projection television.
P-VIP lamps are high pressure mercury lamps for use in video projectors, projection televisions and other projection applications. The mercury discharge spectrum is altered through the very high operating pressure of more than 200bar, to give a dense multi-line spectrum which is ideal for projection purposes.
GMY P-VIP lamps are backed by innovative R&D and advanced manufacturing that enable the optimal performance characteristics of the projection devices.
P-VIP lamps provide very high brightness, the essential prerequisite for efficient projection devices. Furthermore they excel through long operating life and a low loss of luminous flux during the lifetime.


When budgets are tight, but quality is equally critical.


When your message must be clear and crisp.                          


With the right replacement lamp your home theatre will be like new.

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