GMY has manufactured and supplied millions of advanced ultraviolet, infrared, halogen, IPL, and LED components and other lighting products for more than 100 international manufacturers and to dozens of OEM/ODM customers.
You'll find our lighting products in homes, offices schools, hospitals, and factories around the world.
We'd like to work with you. As your supplier, or as your OEM/ODM partner — you can't do better than GMY.
2 Postdoctoral Workstations
274 Patents
How Our Philosophy Builds Customer Trust
Edward Hong - Founder of GMY Technology
Creating Better Life With Light​​​​​​​
Since its inception in 1998 and through its record-seting growth up to today, GMY has been driven by the visionary philosophy of our founder, Yannan “Edward” Hong:
We are dedicated to creating better life with light
Our relentless pursuit of innovation stems from our determination to address the world’s pressing challenges with what Edward calls “the purest form of energy” - light itself.
Whether it’s light for water purification, agricluture, or manufacturing-from safe ultraviolet to combat disease, or energy-efficent bulbs for family homes, our unwavering objective remains: making life better with light.
Our rapid growth and continued succses comes from our unwavering commitment to keeping our customers’ trust. We’re dedicated to Edward’s core business principals: gratitude, innovation, and mutual success.
What Makes GMY Different From Other Suppliers?
What sets GMY apart from other manufacturers? Our unwavering commitment to innovation. Ingenuity and groundbreaking thinking define all our products. Our advances in design and production of excimer, mercury, halogen, metal halide, IPL, and LED lamps have garnered numerous industry awards and more than 247 patents.
Lighting Technology
Others Imitate — We Innovate
At GMY, our unparalleled understanding of light drives our dedicated research and development team to explore new and exciting applications for the hidden powers of light. With more than 274 patents granted, our visionary ideas lead the industry in harnessing light to overcome challenges.
We never stop asking — how can we make life better with light?
At GMY, we pioneer innovations using "the purest form of energy -- light itself. "
 Ways We've Made Life Better:
● Lights tuned to stimulate plant and animal growth
● "No touch" disinfection of viruses and germs in the air and on surfaces -- with complete safety.
● Diagnosing and curing disease
● Making homes and autos safer and more energy efficient
● Eco-friendly, chemical-free, and energy-saving light does all this and more.

More About GMY
How Can GMY Help You?
Discover why customers from over 100 countries and regions worldwide have chosen to partner with GMY Technology.
At GMY, we do more than typical suppliers or manufacturers. We’re strive to deliver 100% satisfaction. We keep quality high, costs low, and delivery prompt. You can rely on GMY. We keep our promises.
We take pride in innovating. We’ll provide custom solutions to meet your specific needs. If you are looking for a supplier for your OEM or ODM projects, talk with us. We provide one-stop, full-service integrated sourcing with complete support.
Let us show you what we can do for you. We hope we can add you to our ‘Wall of Honor’ — the customers that make us proud.
Let’s talk. Together we can create better life with light.

Creating Better Life with Light



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