Environment purification lights manufactured by GMY Technology
Key Features and Benefits
● Efficient disinfection: Our ultraviolet product 
quickly and effectively destroy bacteria,viruses,microorganisms and CFUs.
No secondary pollution: There is no chemical residue in the physical elimination process, which will not cause secondary pollution.
High light pass maintenance: long service life to ensure stable and efficient operation.
Support for OEM/ODM: customizable options to meet special needs.
Ultraviolet Waste-water Treatment
GMY Technology leads the industry in innovative UV technology for treating waste water:
• Water disinfection
• Effluent disinfection
• CFU (Colony Forming Unit) removal
• Virus and pathogen inactivation

Our 254nm mercury-quartz ultraviolet disinfection lamps provide fast, thorough disinfection, targeting CFUs, organic pollutants, and pathogens. They are optimized to be used for industrial waste water and drinking water treatment.
Applications: Industrial sewage, municipal sewage, food processing sewage, pharmaceutical sewage, etc
Aquaculture Water Purification
UV disinfection is vital for increased production in fish hatcheries. GMY ultraviolet disinfection lights for water treatment provide efficient, eco-friendly water purity without the use of hazardous chemical for: 
• Disinfection of ponds and reservoirs
• Algae and harmful microorganism control
• Aquaculture pollutant water treatment: application fish aquaculture and other aquaculture water purification treatment.
Drinking Water Purification 
Chemical-free GMY UV drinking water technology will purifies drinking water quickly and inexpensively, without harmful, expensive chemicals. Our ultraviolet technology is environmentally friendly and does not alter the taste or pH value of the water.
• Ultraviolet Oxidation (UVO)
• UV purification chambers
Our 254nm UV lamps use mercury-quartz ultraviolet technology to deliver high-speed, high-capacity disinfection that targets both CFUs and organic chemical pollutants. Our 172nm UV excimer lamps generate ozone for efficient oxidation of contaminants, further enhancing water purification. These UV solutions easily integrate into most water purification processes.
Application: Drinking water secondary water supply, well water, bottled water, beer, wine, soft drinks, fruit juice, etc.
VOC Emissions and Photocatalytic Oxidation VOC
GMY Technology offers innovative UV solutions for the treatment of Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) emissions:
• Photocatalytic Oxidation (PCO) for air purification and odor removal
• VOC reduction
• Integration with conventional VOC treatment methods
Our advanced UV lamps, such as 185nm mercury lamps, effectively decompose VOCs and purify air. For enhanced performance, our 172nm excimer lamps offer improved efficiency in VOC degradation and air purification. Both lamp types can be easily integrated with existing treatment methods for comprehensive emission control and air quality improvement.
Application:Industrial chemical waste gas, agriculture and animal husbandry deodorization, sewage deodorization, fermentation exhaust deodorization, etc.

Our Environment Purification Products

GMY Manufacturing offers a wholesale submersible lamp system with an integrated UV lamp, designed for water applications and suitable for non-pressurized, fully submerged use (IP68). With a 28mm diameter immersion tube, this easy-to-install and maintain device is available in multiple lengths and lamp specifications to provide a wide range of solutions for our customers. Depending on your needs, we can supply various quartz types to maximize or minimize (eradicate) ozone production.
UV Lamps for Waste Water Systems available wholesale from GMY Manufacturing, the lamps are specifically designed to municipal wastewater treatment plants, water recyclers, food processes, beverage plants.
VUV Waste Gas Treatment lamps available wholesale from GMY Manufacturing,the lamps are specifically designed to decompose and oxidize odorus molecules into low-molecular compounds,water and carbon dioxide.
GMY's 172nm UV light cleaning technology is based on the principle of photochemical oxidation. By irradiating the organic material's surface with UV light, it generates free radicals, oxidizing organics into water and carbon dioxide, effectively removing surface contaminants.

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