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Mercury Lamp Device

  • UVC Disinfection Ceiling Light
    SafeGlo UVC Disinfection Ceiling Lights safely and silently destroy both surface and airborne bacteria and viruses, including Covid. The SGCL01 uses 2 high-intensity quartz lamps to emit UVC ultraviolet light (253.7nm) , proven by extensive research to disinfect 99.9% of  harmful germs. These lights are quick to install and simple to use. With no cumbersome filters to change, they are easy to maintain.
  • UV-C Parcel Disinfection Pass-Through
    The SafeGlo UVC Disinfection PASS-THROUGH provides an effective and safe solution for eliminating surface bacteria and viruses, including Covid. Utilizing high-intensity quartz lamps, the SGPT02 emits UVC ultraviolet light (253.7nm) that has been verified by third-party testing laboratories to disinfect 99.99% of harmful germs. Easy to install and simple to operate, this device offers a clean, dry, and chemical-free 360° UV treatment for all baggage and luggage passing through the tunnel.

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