GMY Research and Development

Research Laboratory
        To ensure product reliability, GMY's professional R&D team has established a state-of-the-art laboratory equipped with distribution photometers, spectrum analysis systems, constant temperature and humidity chambers, and other equipment. The laboratory is maintained in accordance with national CNAS and CE standards
 with provisions for UL /ERP /EMC /FCC /CCC /ROHS and other related tests.

At GMY, we are committed developing to the standards of CE, RoHS, REACH, UL and other safe and environmentally friendly products.
GMY has an outstanding history in innovation, with a portfolio of  211 patents, including 1 granted US invention patent, 14 granted Chinese invention patents, 1 granted US design patent, 8 granted EU design patents, and 16 PCT patent applications.
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Cooperative Universities
We have established close research collaboration with numerous prestigious universities, sharing research resources, technical support, and talent reserves. This cross-disciplinary cooperation injects strong momentum into the R&D and innovation in the field of photonics, making our innovative achievements more vibrant and influential.

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