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Infrared Heat Lamp

  • Near-Infrared Heating Lamp
    The GMY Near-Infrared Heating Lamp is a multi-purpose heating light source, ideal for therapeutic heating and animal breeding insulation. This lamp boasts rapid temperature rise, strong penetration, and superior durability. It employs near-infrared technology to guarantee a uniform heating area and delivers efficient and stable heat output.
  • Infrared Heat Lamp Carbon Fiber
    The Carbon Fiber Heat Lamp, a Far Infrared (FIR) emitter made of carbon fiber, is available wholesale from GMY Manufacturing. Emitting heat without significant light, FIR energy is absorbed only by matter, providing efficient and deep tissue heating for animals. This creates a natural heating sensation similar to the warmth felt from the sun's rays. Our heat lamps offer higher heat efficiency than traditional lamps and boast a long lifespan of up to 8,000 hours, ensuring ample warmth for your brooding chicks or pigs.
  • Carbon Fiber Infrared heat Lamp - Flat luminaire
    Carbon Fiber Infrared heat Lamp with Flat Luminaire design available wholesale from GMY Manufacturing. Our lamp has higher heat efficiency than traditional heat lamps, and a long life span up to (8000hours) which ensures you have plenty of hours of warmth for your brooding chicks or pigs. The far-infrared rays in the 8-14μm range, emitted by carbon fiber, are nearly entirely absorbed by animal skin and subcutaneous tissue. This absorption triggers atomic resonance within the cells, generating a thermal effect. As a result, blood circulation is improved, metabolism is enhanced, and immune function is strengthened.
  • Infrared Heat Lamp R125
    Infrared heat Lamp R125 available wholesale from GMY Manufacturing, Our heat lamp is a great brooder bulb with awesome features like instant-on, dimmable, weatherproof, super durable, and many more.

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