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  • PEP ONE Personal Environment Purifier
    The PEP ONE, manufactured by GMY, is an efficient and lightweight air purifier. This product uses UV light and photocatalyst technology for efficient air disinfection and purification, capable of disinfecting and purifying 100 cubic feet of space within 15 minutes. It operates at a low noise level, only 30 decibels, and has a built-in powerful fan that provides rapid ventilation and disinfection. Designed to be lightweight with a support stand, it is easy to carry. With dual power configuration, it can be plugged in or powered by an internal 5000mAh battery.The battery can enduranc up to 3 hours. No need to replace the filter, making it convenient for daily use. It also offers multiple adjustment modes to meet the disinfection and purification needs in different environments.
  • UV-C Disinfection Air Cleaner
    Introducing the SafeGlo UV-C Disinfection Air Cleaner for your home, designed to effortlessly neutralize viruses and bacteria so you can focus on what truly matters. In laboratory tests, this powerful device effectively inactivated 99% of airborne viruses within just a few hours, providing rapid air disinfection and ensuring a cleaner, healthier living environment.
  • UV-C Disinfection Desk Lamp
    Featuring a powerful ultraviolet lamp that's will last for 9000 hours, the SafeGlo UV-C Disinfection Desk Lamp disinfects germs and viruses in the air and on surfaces around your home. It's easy to use, and comes with a motion sensor for safety, letting you use it practically anywhere.

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