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Clean Air Made Portable | GMY's PEP ONE Air Purifier Meets New Life Demands

Views: 3775     Author: GMY     Publish Time: 2023-05-25      Origin: Site

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As modern life quickens, we interact with diverse groups in varying spaces daily. At home, air purifiers help maintain a healthy environment. Yet, in public spaces, controlling air quality against bacterial threats proves challenging. While masks, hand-washing, and personal hygiene can curb bacteria and virus spread, these methods fall short of completely satisfying the varied demands of modern life due to their inconveniences.

Addressing modern needs, GMY, an expert in ultraviolet products, introduces the innovative SafeGlo series - PEP ONE Personal Environment Purifier. Through continuous innovation, it provides personal air purification anytime, anywhere, for more comfortable breathing. Serving various groups from business people to fitness enthusiasts, PEP ONE caters to diverse health protection requirements, making it a vital partner in life.


Human-Machine Coexistence|UV and Photocatalytic System for Air Purification

GMY's SafeGlo series PEP ONE uses a built-in ultra-quiet powerful fan to promote rapid air circulation, captures surrounding bacteria and viruses in a 360° all-round manner, and effectively disinfects them through high-intensity UV and photocatalytic purification technology. According to tests, PEP ONE can achieve efficient disinfection in a human-machine coexistence environment and complete a comprehensive air purification cycle in a 3 cubic meter space in only 15 minutes. Compared with ordinary air purifiers, the uniqueness of PEP ONE lies in the fact that it does not need to replace the filter, making it more convenient and durable.


Easy to Use| Dual Power Supply and Multi-gear Control Guard Healthy Life All the Time

The PEP ONE adopts a dual power supply design. The built-in 5000mAh large-capacity battery can support the device to work for up to 3 hours without power. Not only that, in terms of appearance, PEP ONE adopts a simple and lightweight body design and is equipped with a stand to make it more convenient to carry and use more flexibly. In addition, the product also provides a three-speed adjustment function, and users can switch modes freely according to their needs.

PEP ONE ensures personal health by creating a clean environment anywhere. With over 20 years' experience in light technology, GMY continues to enhance healthy living through relentless innovation and the power of light.

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