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Intense Pulsed Light

High-intensity pulsed light (IPL) technology for hair removal and cosmetic skin treatments has become the go-to solution for beauticians and medical professionals worldwide. Since 1998, we have been supplying quartz lamps, a technology closely related to IPL lamps, making our entry into this market a seamless transition. To meet the growing demand, we now offer an extensive range of IPL lamps compatible with machines from a variety of manufacturers.

Intense Pulsed Light
for hair removal and cosmetic skin treatment

Key Features

  • Wide wavelength range: 160-2000nm with peak between 480-800nm

  • Spectral energy distribution similar to sunlight with color temperature of around 6000K

  • Consistent light output and low sensitivity to external conditions

  • Quick startup and stable light output after ignition

ProductModelSize(Diameter,OverAll   Length,Tube Length)Flashes
IPLXMZ2-30L25D:4mm,   L:53mm, light L:43mm250,000   times
IPLXMZ2-30L30D:4mm,   L:51mm, light L:43mm300,000   times
IPLXMZ2-29P30D:4mm,   L:49.5mm, light L:42mm300,000   times
IPLXMZ2.35-27P25D:3.95mm,   L:48/51mm, light L:40mm250,000   times
IPLXM[Z2.35-27P25D:3.95mm,   L:48/51mm, light L:40mm250,000   times
IPLXMZ2.35-28P30D:3.95mm,   L:48/51mm, light L:42mm300,000   times
IPLXMZ2.35-28P30D:3.95mm,   L:48/51mm, light L:42mm300,000   times
IPLXMZ2.35-15P10D:3.95mm,   L:36mm, light L:27mm100,000   times
IPLXMZ2-16P10D:4mm,   L:36mm, light L:30mm100,000   times
IPLXMZ3-16P10D:5mm,   L:36mm, light L:30mm100,000   times

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