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Reasonable use of germicidal lamps, fish disease disappeared

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We know that most of the fish diseases of ornamental fish are caused by the unclean water quality and the presence of parasites or pathogenic bacteria. The germicidal lamp is a commonly used equipment in aquariums. It is popular with aquarists for its simple use and good sterilization effect. It can quickly kill pathogenic bacteria in a short time and improve water quality. But everything has two sides. The ultraviolet light emitted by the germicidal lamp not only kills harmful bacteria, but also damages everything it touches to a certain extent, including fish, and even if the owner is not paying attention, it will hurt the eyes. Therefore, germicidal lamps should be used reasonably and carefully, not only to take advantage of its benefits, but also to avoid unnecessary accidental injuries.



1. Use in the main tank. Most aquarists will put the germicidal lamp in the filter box, as long as it is properly shielded, it will not cause harm to nitrifying bacteria. But generally, the water flow in the filter box is relatively rapid, and the contact time between the feed water and the light is short, which will affect the sterilization effect. Therefore, when turning on the germicidal lamp, it is necessary to appropriately lower the filtration intensity and slow down the water flow to achieve a sufficient sterilization effect. Because this method is too close to the nitrifying bacteria, I always feel worried and afraid that the beneficial bacteria will be injured, so you may as well use it in the spare tank.


2. Use in spare tank. In order to achieve a better and faster sterilization effect, part of the feed water can be moved to the spare tank, and the germicidal lamp can be turned on for rapid sterilization and disinfection, and then poured into the main tank. This will not only affect the fish, nor will it affect the nitrification system. Combining this method with new water can greatly improve the efficiency of water quality improvement, and return the fish tank to a normal state in a short time.

3. Improve the viewing effect. Sometimes the water quality of the fish tank changes, such as the color becoming green, which has no effect on the growth of the fish, but it greatly reduces the viewing effect. If you are too lazy to change the water and don't want to use the medicine, use a germicidal lamp. It is best to use separate tanks, you can prepare more spare tanks, if you have multiple germicidal lamps. This can kill all kinds of algae and remove the root cause of water quality changes.


4. Improve muddy feed water. There are some foreign bacteria in the fish tank, which can quickly decompose fish stool and bait residue, and are beneficial bacteria. But they multiply very fast, and the number of bacteria grows geometrically. If there are enough raw materials, you will see them because the fish tank water becomes muddy. At this time, you have to endure the pain, kill these beneficial bacteria with a germicidal lamp, and then change the water to improve the feeding water. But don't worry, these foreign bacteria are everywhere, and they will reappear at any time as long as the conditions are right.



It can be seen from the above points that the rational use of germicidal lamps can effectively improve the quality of feed water, reduce the invasion of pathogens on fish, and play a good effect on preventing fish diseases. Combined with supplementary methods such as salting, heating, and water change, the probability of fish disease infection can be minimized while keeping the water quality indicators basically stable.

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