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Reptile Halogen Lamp PAR20

The GMY Halogen spot lamp provides focused light and heat without significantly raising the ambient air temperature compared to traditional reptile spot lamps of the same wattage. This makes it easier to establish proper heat gradients in the terrarium and allows for greater distances between the animal and the lamp. Additional benefits include a longer average lifespan, higher resistance to water spray, and reduced power consumption compared to incandescent spot lamps. 

Reptile Halogen Lamp PAR20
for heat and light output

Key Features

  • Compact design for E27 sockets

  • Ideal for small vivariums

  • Halogen technology for greater heat and light output

  • Highly efficient reflector for optimal performance

ITEMPower(W)Lumen(LM)CDBeam angleCCT(KBase
PAR20 230V35W35±8%300±10%500±25%30±25%2800±10%E27
PAR20 230V50W50±8%450±10%750±25%30±25%2800±10%E27

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