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UVB Metal Halide Lamp PAR20

UV Metal Halide Lamps PAR20, exclusively produced by GMY Manufacturing, are specially engineered for reptiles. These revolutionary lamps encompass everything that reptiles require: warmth, UV radiation, and ample light. In terms of their attributes, our lamps closely emulate the sun.

UVB metal halide lamp PAR20
for heat, light and UVB output

Key Features

  • Ideal UVB light for Vitamin D3 synthesis, ensuring health and visual appeal of reptiles.

  • Best-in-class light spectrum among all terrarium lamps, mirroring the sun.

  • Optimal heat source with radiation emanating directly from above, like natural sunlight.

  • Combines UVB radiation, bright visible light, and heat for optimal performance.

ITEMVoltage(V)Power(W)CCT(K)Beam AngleMax.diameter (MM)Length (MM)Base
PAR20 35W   6000K Glass75-9535600040°6493E27
PAR20 35W   4000K Glass75-9535400040°6493E27

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