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UVC Disinfection Ceiling Light

SafeGlo UVC Disinfection Ceiling Lights safely and silently destroy both surface and airborne bacteria and viruses, including Covid.

The SGCL01 uses 2 high-intensity quartz lamps to emit UVC ultraviolet light (253.7nm) , proven by extensive research to disinfect 99.9% of  harmful germs. These lights are quick to install and simple to use. With no cumbersome filters to change, they are easy to maintain.

  • SGCL01

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SafeGlo UVC Disinfection Ceiling Light
for air and surface disinfection

Key benefits

①High intensity 253.7nm UVC destroys most germs

②Research confirms: 99.9% disinfection, including Covid

③360° coverage area 

④Disinfects both surface and airborne pathogens

⑤No filters. No Chemicals. No Ozone

⑥Safe and secure to operate

⑦60 seconds delay start

⑧Optional remote control

⑨Microwave and PIR sensors ensure security

UVC Disinfection Ceiling Light

Product   Name UVC   Disinfection Ceiling Light UV-C   wavelength 253.7nm
Product Model SGCL01 UV-C Irradiance @1m 200µW/cm²
Input Voltage AC220-240V 50/60Hz Dimensions 1060×86×55mm
Input Current 0.31A Product Net Weight 1.85kg
Rated Power 65W±10% Cable Length 1.5 meter
Standby Power Max 1W Operational Temperature —10 ~ +40℃
Remote Control Distance 10 meter Lamp Lifetime 9000 Hours
Sensors Detecting Distance 3~5 meter Warranty 2 Years

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