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133rd Canton Fair Light Technology + | GMY Debuts Innovative Products, Illuminating a Better Life with Light

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The 133rd Canton Fair marks the return to in-person events since the full implementation of the 20th CPC National Congress's pandemic guidelines.GMY, a pioneer in lighting technology dedicated to enhancing life quality, will be present as planned. As a trailblazer in the realm of optical technology, GMY will showcase its latest products and solutions at the fair, demonstrating the innovative capabilities and market potential of its optical technology products and solutions.

With over 20 years of experience in light technology applications and manufacturing, GMY's expertise spans six key sectors: infection control and elimination, medical and healthcare, advanced manufacturing, breeding industry, modern facility agriculture, and environmental protection. The exhibited products span professional light source components and cutting-edge solutions, highlighting GMY's core competencies and industry leadership in a comprehensive manner.

At the Canton Fair, GMY will introduce new solutions and product lines related to low-carbon, eco-friendly, and sustainable living for both domestic and international customers. As society progresses and develops, carbon emission has become a global concern. GMY addresses these contemporary needs with innovative solutions for wastewater and exhaust gas treatment. Catering to various scenarios, GMY offers a diverse range of ultraviolet light sources, including 254nm amalgam ultraviolet lamp, 185nm low-pressure mercury UV lamps, and 172nm UV lamps, among others. These solutions enable efficient wastewater disinfection and exhaust gas purification, contributing to enhanced efficiency in wastewater and exhaust gas treatment processes.

Also at the Canton Fair, GMY will display a host of innovative solutions and products new eco-friendly, green life for the home.With the progress and development of society, low-carbon environmental protection has become the focus of global attention. GMY addresses the needs of the times with innovative solutions to help sewage treatment and waste gas treatment. According to the needs of different scenarios, GMY provides a variety of ultraviolet light sources, including 254nm amalgam ultraviolet lamp, 185nm ultraviolet low-pressure mercury lamp and 172nm ultraviolet lamp, etc., which will achieve efficient sewage disinfection treatment and waste gas purification, and help improve the efficiency of sewage treatment and waste gas treatment.

汞齐灯Application of ultraviolet disinfection and purification of sewage

Left:Submersible ultraviolet lamp ;Right:254nm amalgam ultraviolet lamp

185+172Application of ultraviolet exhaust gas purification treatment

Left:185nm UV low pressure mercury lamp;Right:172nm ultraviolet excimer lamp

Furthermore, GMY will showcase an array of home gardening products, such as smart home planters and desktop planters, designed to accommodate various vegetables and herbs for indoor cultivation. These products will bring green and healthy living into countless homes, making it easy for families to enjoy the pleasures of gardening.


"We are truly honored to participate in the 133rd Canton Fair, which serves as a significant platform for showcasing China's optical technology innovations to the world," stated a GMY representative. "We eagerly anticipate connecting with more industry peers and customers at this event, working together to drive the growth of the optical technology sector."

The 133rd Canton Fair is set to attract a multitude of enterprises from around the globe. GMY is excited to seize this opportunity for in-depth discussions with both local and international customers. Our aim is to share market insights, collaborate on opportunities, and contribute to the advancement of global optical technology. We invite you to witness GMY's captivating presence at the 133rd Canton Fair. Find us at booth numbers 10.3G37-10.3G38/10.3H09-10.3H10 in Zone B. Together, let's harness the power of light technology to"Create better life with light technology".

Creating Better Life with Light



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