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GMY Invites You to the Canton Fair!

The China Import and Export Fair, also known as the Canton Fair, was established in 1957, and has successfully held 133 sessions to date. As a window, microcosm, and symbol of China's opening to the outside world, the Canton Fair is also one of the important platforms for international trade cooperation.As one of the outstanding enterprises in the field of lighting technology, GMY will be participating in this exhibition, fully showcasing innovative lighting technology and applications in various fields including medical disinfection and infection control, medical health, advanced manufacturing, environment, facility agriculture,animal husbandry and more. Here, GMY sincerely invites you to our booth, looking forward to building a better life with you through lighting technology.

2023 09-28
GMY Plant Grow Lighting Technology Enhances Both Yield and Quality in Plant Factories

In recent years, driven by scientific and technological advances and favorable policies, China's plant factories are embracing a new development opportunity. According to statistics from Zhii Research Consulting, the number of plant factories in China reached 272 in 2021, with an increase of 48, and the newly added factory area reached 215,400 square meters. China’s plant factory development pace is at the forefront of the global market, with expectations for the market to continue its robust growth.

2023 09-27
Harvest Success in Chinese Space Station: Plant Lighting Technology Stands Out

Did you know? Vegetable cultivation has expanded beyond the fields we're familiar with. In recent years, with the advancement of aerospace and planting technologies, space vegetable cultivation has become a new area of research. In fact, scientists on the space station, hundreds of kilometers away, have successfully grown thriving vegetables. Following space breeding, this form of space agriculture has increasingly become an essential part of space science and aerospace technology research.

2023 09-20
GMY Lighting Technology Enhances Radiation Monitoring Amid Global Nuclear Contamination Concerns

In our daily lives, we are inevitably exposed to varying degrees of radiation. When radiation levels surpass safety thresholds, they can be harmful to humans. Prolonged exposure results in increased radiation accumulation, elevating potential risks. Recently, due to Japan's decision to discharge nuc

2023 09-18
GMY Plant Supplementary Lighting Technology: Enhancing the Quality of Chrysanthemum Cultivation

As the fields of optics and botany progress, supplementary lighting technology for plants is gaining more attention in controlled environment agriculture. Beyond its application for common vegetables, fruits, and medicinal plants, this technology is also being adopted for cultivating flowers and plants like chrysanthemums, roses, and specific ornamental plants.

2023 09-11

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