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Canton Fair Light Technology+ | Light Power Revolutionizes Manufacturing: UV Innovations Boost High-End Production

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In recent years, high-end manufacturing has achieved remarkable growth on a global scale, gradually becoming the driving force behind economic growth. Factors such as technological advancements, intense global competition, sustainable development demands, and supportive government policies have collectively propelled the flourishing of high-end manufacturing in the international market.

With the rapid rise of high-end manufacturing, higher standards are demanded for material applications. As a leading company in the field of light technology, GMY will showcase a variety of ultraviolet technology innovations at the 133rd Canton Fair, including UV light cleaning, photo-curing, photo modification, and TOC pure water treatment technology. These innovative technologies offer new solutions for high-end manufacturing. The core competitive advantages of these technologies lie in their efficiency, eco-friendliness, and safety, promising extensive potential applications.

UV light cleaning technology is an innovative photochemical method. GMY skillfully applies 172nm excimer ultraviolet light to the cleaning of material surfaces. Compared with traditional cleaning methods, UV light cleaning has the advantages of no pollution, low energy consumption, and high efficiency, suitable for applications in liquid crystal display devices, semiconductor silicon wafers, integrated circuits, and optical devices.

light cleaning

Photo-curing technology solidifies coatings through UV or visible light irradiation. GMY's 172nm excimer photo-curing technology has the ability to precisely control surface functional solidification, while also boasting fast curing speeds, environmental friendliness, low energy consumption, and superior performance. It is now widely used in the automotive, aerospace, and home appliance industries.

light curing

GMY's 172nm photo-modification technology fully utilizes high-energy ultraviolet light to treat material surfaces, thereby improving the performance and functionality of materials. This technology is mainly used for hydrophobic modification of materials such as titanium metal, silicon wafers, aluminum foil, ITO glass substrates, and plastics (PP, PC, PE, PMMA, PET, PVC, PS) to enhance the hydrophilicity of material surfaces.


▲GMY 172nm hydrophobic modification experiment

TOC pure water degradation treatment is an efficient method for removing organic matter from water. GMY's 172nm ultraviolet oxidation treatment technology has been widely used in water purification systems. This technology uses advanced mercury-free ultraviolet light technology to emit high-energy 172nm ultraviolet light, effectively degrading TOC in water and reducing the TOC content in water to ppb levels. The UV pure water TOC degradation treatment technology meets the stringent requirements of high-end manufacturing for pure water and has been widely used in semiconductor manufacturing, pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical, chemical and petrochemical, power, food and beverage, wastewater treatment and recycled water use, as well as laboratories and research institutions.


GMY has been committed to the research and development of light technology for over 20 years, always focusing on innovation as its core driving force. By constantly transcending itself and leading the development of industry technology, GMY provides excellent and leading products and services to global customers. At the upcoming 133rd Canton Fair, GMY's excimer light source solutions will continue to inject vitality into high-end manufacturing, promote innovative development, assist industrial transformation and upgrading, and contribute to the realization of sustainable development and green economic goals.

GMY cordially invites you to attend the 133rd Canton Fair (Booth: B Area 10.3G37-G38/H09-H10) to discuss how light technology can empower a better new life together. Let's join hands and embark on a new chapter of sustainable development.

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