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Carbon Fiber Infrared heat Lamp - Flat luminaire

Carbon Fiber Infrared heat Lamp with Flat Luminaire design available wholesale from GMY Manufacturing. Our lamp has higher heat efficiency than traditional heat lamps, and a long life span up to (8000hours) which ensures you have plenty of hours of warmth for your brooding chicks or pigs. The far-infrared rays in the 8-14μm range, emitted by carbon fiber, are nearly entirely absorbed by animal skin and subcutaneous tissue. This absorption triggers atomic resonance within the cells, generating a thermal effect. As a result, blood circulation is improved, metabolism is enhanced, and immune function is strengthened.

Carbon Fiber Infrared heat Lamp -Flat luminaire
for breeding chickens and other poultry

Key benefits

Unique FAR INFRARED light: Research indicates that our 9.5-micron wavelength "far infrared" light promotes enhanced circulation and improved metabolism.

Our lamps warm the animals – not the air: Our far-infrared light generates atomic resonance in the skin tissue, warming the animal without heating the surrounding air.

Economical, energy-efficient, and long-lasting: Our carbon fiber bulbs last up to 6 times longer than traditional tungsten bulbs, boasting a heating conversion efficiency of 98% and ensuring a long life for the product.

ProductCarbon   Fiber Infrared heat Lamp -Flat luminaireMain   Wavelength3-12   microns
ModelIRCCL01 Heating Effect8 ~ 40℃ @60cm
Input voltageAC220-240V 50/60HzSize251x154x79mm
Power175W±10%Cable length1 meter
Switch Three-Speed SwitchLife>8000h

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