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Near-Infrared Heating Lamp

The GMY Near-Infrared Heating Lamp is a multi-purpose heating light source, ideal for therapeutic heating and animal breeding insulation. This lamp boasts rapid temperature rise, strong penetration, and superior durability. It employs near-infrared technology to guarantee a uniform heating area and delivers efficient and stable heat output.

Near-Infrared Heating Lamp

For Easing deep muscular disorders and pain from sports injuries,beauty care and animal breeding insulation.


  • Rapid Heating: Easy to control heating temperature without consuming oxygen.

  • Strong Penetration: Uniform heating area with near-infrared, ensuring high thermal efficiency and stable temperature.

  • E27 Lamp Base: Strong conductivity and universality.

  • High Quality: Made with high-temperature-resistant and anti-oxidation double helix tungsten filament for efficiency and stability.

  • Explosion-Proof Glass: Features high transmittance and a red-coated lamp body surface for uniform light distribution.


  • Rated Power: 150W.

  • Rated Voltage: 230V.

  • Bulb Diameter: 122mm.

  • Lifespan: 500 hours.

  • Standard for Lamp Base: E27.

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