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Expo Spotlight | GMY's UV Water Treatment Solutions Offer Fresh Insights into Disinfection Techniques

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With the continuous development of the healthcare industry, people are not only concerned about the sanitation of medical spaces, but also highly value the quality of medical water and the cleanliness of wastewater discharge. Hence, water disinfection needs in the medical field have come into the spotlight within the industry.


At the 2023 Shenzhen International Medical Disinfection and Infection Control Equipment Exhibition, GMY presented diversified UV water treatment solutions tailored for various water treatment needs in the medical sector. These solutions received widespread attention and recognition from the industry. After in-depth understanding and communication, insiders stated that UV water treatment technology can not only efficiently and safely disinfect and purify water to ensure reliable water quality but also cater to specific water purification needs in different sectors, offering customized solutions. The future of UV water treatment technology is set to be a key direction in the development of the water treatment industry.

01. Wastewater Disinfection Treatment Solution

GMY showcased its UV wastewater disinfection solution in response to the need for wastewater disinfection. This approach adopts advanced UV physical disinfection technology, with five major advantages: efficient germicidal action, absence of chemical residues, low energy consumption and cost, straightforward operation, and effective purification without resulting in secondary pollution. Compared to traditional chemical disinfection methods, this solution kills various bacteria, viruses, and microbes while avoiding the use of chemical disinfectants, striking a balance between environmental protection and efficiency. This solution can be extensively applied in integrated wastewater treatment projects, pharmaceutical wastewater treatments, and medical wastewater treatments, aiming to meet discharge standards after water processing.

2023 Shenzhen International Medical Disinfection and Infection Control Equipment Exhibition

02. Water Dispenser Disinfection Treatment Solution

To ensure safe drinking water, GMY unveiled a dedicated UV disinfection solution tailored for water dispensers. The solution primarily involves installing an efficient UV light source within the water dispenser pipelines, exposing the flowing water to intense UV radiation to effectively eliminate pathogens, thereby providing users with clean and safe drinking water.

2023 Shenzhen International Medical Disinfection Disinfection Fair

03. Pure Water TOC Degradation Solution

For the high-standard requirements of pure water in pharmaceutical manufacturing and medical laboratories, GMY showcased various UV pure water treatment TOC degradation solutions. One method utilizes a dual-wavelength purification at 254nm and 185nm. Initially, 254nm UV light disinfects the water. Subsequently, 185nm UV light breaks down H₂O into hydroxyl radicals (OH.) and hydrogen radicals, oxidizing hydrocarbons in the water into carbon dioxide and water, achieving ppb-level TOC degradation.

In addition, GMY displayed the 172nm excimer pure water treatment technology. This technology harnesses the higher energy of 172nm excimer light, achieving faster and more efficient TOC degradation to meet the strict requirements for ultra-pure water.

For over 20 years, GMY has been committed to the R&D and manufacturing of lighting technology applications. As a professional UV product manufacturer and solutions provider, GMY hopes that its diversified UV disinfection solutions introduced at this exhibition can offer innovative approaches to different disinfection needs in the medical field, while also seeking to collaborate with more partners and share market opportunities. During the exhibition, we eagerly await your visit and exchange (Booth number: T085-2).

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