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GMY Lighting Technology Enhances Radiation Monitoring Amid Global Nuclear Contamination Concerns

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In our daily lives, we are inevitably exposed to varying degrees of radiation. When radiation levels surpass safety thresholds, they can be harmful to humans. Prolonged exposure results in increased radiation accumulation, elevating potential risks.

Recently, due to Japan's decision to discharge nuclear-contaminated water from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant, nuclear radiation issues have quickly become a focal point of global attention. Many have expressed concerns about the potential impact this decision might have on daily water, food, and goods consumption. In response, China's Customs promptly announced a "complete suspension of Japanese seafood imports." As a result of this incident, there is a heightened demand for nuclear radiation monitoring of food and daily essentials, leading to an increased market demand for related technologies.

GMY's Geiger Detector Counting Tube

Addressing this market need, GMY Lighting Technology, with over 20 years of experience in the research and manufacturing of lighting technology applications, swiftly developed a core component of nuclear radiation detection instruments: the Geiger detector counting tube.


GMY's Geiger counting tube offers high sensitivity with a significant pulse amplitude, making it suitable for detecting γ and β radiation levels. This compact and lightweight design is adaptable for use in a variety of environments, such as hospitals, home testing, oilfields and coal mines, nuclear power plants, quarries, and metal processing factories. The GMY Geiger counter operates stably in a temperature range of -25℃ to 40℃, demonstrating exceptional stability and reliability.

Applications: Suitable for fields such as nuclear physics, medical, particle physics, and individual industrial testing.



  • Optimized material and structure ensure high sensitivity and stability.

  • High-quality materials, featuring a coaxial cylindrical structure of quartz glass and stainless steel, ensure superior sealing.

  • Precision detection and meticulous design.

  • Direct manufacturer sales ensure a stable supply chain and prompt deliveries.

About the Geiger Counter

The Geiger-Müller counter, commonly referred to as the Geiger counter, is an instrument specifically designed to detect the intensity of ionizing radiation (α particles, β particles, γ rays, and X-rays). With a gas-filled tube or chamber as a detector, when a certain voltage is applied, each ionization event caused by radiation in the tube produces an identical electrical pulse, which is recorded by the connected electronic device. This measures the number of radiation units within a given time period.

Geiger tube instrument

About GMY Lighting Technology

Established in 1998, GMY has been specializing in the research and manufacturing of lighting technology applications. The company boasts a professional R&D team and has been recognized as a national "High-Tech Enterprise," a "Postdoctoral Research Workstation," a "Guangdong Provincial Enterprise Technology Center," and a "Specialized, Fine, New SME in Guangdong Province." Through its specialized lighting components and advanced technological solutions, GMY provides professional products and services for sectors like medical disinfection and infection control, healthcare, advanced manufacturing, environmental purification, livestock breeding, and facility agriculture. Together with our partners, we are committed to "create a better life with light," constantly improving customer experiences, delivering value to our clients, and achieving a harmonious blend of social and commercial values.

Creating Better Life with Light



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