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GMY Plant Grow Lighting Technology Enhances Both Yield and Quality in Plant Factories

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In recent years, driven by scientific and technological advances and favorable policies, China's plant factories are embracing a new development opportunity. According to statistics from Zhii Research Consulting, the number of plant factories in China reached 272 in 2021, with an increase of 48, and the newly added factory area reached 215,400 square meters. Chinas plant factory development pace is at the forefront of the global market, with expectations for the market to continue its robust growth.

01. Plant Factory and Its Core Technology

A plant factory is an efficient agricultural system that achieves year-round continuous production of crops through high-precision environmental control within facilities. Utilizing smart computers and electronic sensing systems, it automatically controls the essential environmental conditions for plant growth, including temperature, humidity, light, CO₂ concentration, and nutrient solution, enabling plants within the facility to grow unaffected or minimally affected by natural conditions.

plant factories 5

Yang Qichang, a researcher at the Agricultural Environment and Sustainable Development Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, previously pointed out in media reports that five core technologies of plant factories have been mastered, namely, “creation of LED energy-saving light sources, light-temperature coupled energy-saving environmental control, nutrient solution cultivation, vegetable quality regulation, and intelligent control." Each technology has its unique role and significance. Especially the LED artificial light source technology, which plays an indispensable role in ensuring the healthy growth of plants. Therefore, with the rapid development of plant factories, artificial supplementary lighting technology is garnering increasing attention, swiftly emerging as a significant area of research and market demand.

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02. LumiAgro Plant Factory

In plant factories, lighting is crucial for the healthy growth of plants. To meet this demand, LumiAgro, a plant lighting brand under GMY, has delved into the research and development in this field early on. LumiAgro has a plant factory with a total planting area of nearly 6,000 square meters, providing scientific data and technical support for the research and development of plant supplementary lighting technology. Meanwhile, combined with GMY’s over 20 years of research and manufacturing experience in lighting technology applications, LumiAgro not only possesses the core technology for the overall solution output of plant factories but also offers professional customized supplementary lighting solutions for different plants and their various growth stages.

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plant factories 1

03. LumiAgro Professional Supplementary Lighting Solution

For the planting environment of plant factories and greenhouse sheds, LumiAgro has launched a professional customized plant supplementary lighting solution. This solution meticulously adjusts the plant spectrum to simulate sunlight, offering plants a high-quality source of grow light, thereby enhancing plant photosynthesis efficiency and promoting healthy and rapid growth, and assisting agricultural production to achieve both increased quantity and quality.

Product Details:

Tissue Culture Lamp:

Tissue Culture Lamp

✔ High-brightness LED beads: Utilizing high-brightness beads with efficient chip luminosity, designed specifically for tissue culture.

✔ Transparent PC Lampshade: Comes in both frosted and transparent versions.

✔ PVC Connector: Durable wiring, not easily detached, allows for series connection.

✔ Aluminum Body: Features a thickened aluminum baseplate for superior heat dissipation.

✔ Customizable: Can be tailored based on specific needs.

✔ Applicable fields: Plant tissue culture, medicinal plant cultivation, and more.

Vegetable Grow Lamp:

Vegetable Grow Lamp

✔ High-brightness LED beads: Uses high-brightness bead chips for higher light efficiency.

✔ SMD Resistor: Smartly arranged to maximize current control.

✔ Male-Female Plug: Makes for convenient use.

✔ Crafted Lamp Body: Flame-retardant PC tube that resists rust.

✔ Aluminum Body: Thickened aluminum material for fast heat dissipation.

Flowering Lamp:

Flowering Lamp

✔ Professional flowering spectrum: Increases flowering batches and extends the production period.

✔ Applicable fields: Dragon fruit, long-flowering plants, and other plant supplementary lighting needs.

04. About GMY Lighting Technology

Established in 1998, GMY has been specializing in the research and manufacturing of lighting technology applications. The company boasts a professional R&D team and has been recognized as a national "High-Tech Enterprise," a "Postdoctoral Research Workstation," a "Guangdong Provincial Enterprise Technology Center," and a "Specialized, Fine, New SME in Guangdong Province." Through its specialized lighting components and advanced technological solutions, GMY provides professional products and services for sectors like medical disinfection and infection control, healthcare, advanced manufacturing, environmental purification, livestock breeding, and facility agriculture. Together with our partners, we are committed to "create a better life with light," constantly improving customer experiences, delivering value to our clients, and achieving a harmonious blend of social and commercial values.


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