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GMY in UAE | GMY to debut new products at the China (UAE) Trade Fair 2023

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The China (UAE) Trade Fair 2023(14th China Homelife Dubai), a globally acknowledged event, is set to unfold at the Dubai World Trade Center from June 13th-15th, 2023. This Expo has grown into a crucial platform for the UAE's political and business spheres through numerous prosperous editions. The 2023 expo is poised to be the largest Chinese goods showcase in Dubai since 2020, with its event space quadrupling and over 1,200 suppliers debuting more than 30,000 products.

GMY: Showcase Pioneering Light Tech Solutions

As a standout in the light technology landscape, GMY takes pride in attending this Expo, introducing the SafeGlo UV products series and LumiAgro planting series. These reveal the transformative applications of light technology in home life and facility agriculture while promoting a healthy, green, and environmentally friendly lifestyles and production methods.

Advocating Healthier Living: GMY's UV Products

Being a frontrunner in UV product manufacture and solutions, GMY is primed to unveil a novel UV home disinfection range.The range includes intelligent UV disinfection lamps and the impressive PEP ONE personal environment purifier. With advanced technologies like ultraviolet light and photocatalysis, GMY's sleek design,multifunctional and strong adaptability to ensuring a healthy living environment from all angles.


Home Planting Revolution: Achievable Green Living

Addressing the Middle East's home gardening trends, LumiAgro presents revolutionary home planting solutions. Their Adonis and Demeter series, intelligent home planters, seamlessly integrate technology, sustainability, health, and aesthetics. Custom-made for urban and indoor settings, these planters challenge space and climate limitations while offering water-saving, energy-efficient, pesticide-free, and user-friendly planting. Their sunlight-mimicking technology ensures prompt and robust plant growth, facilitating indoor gardening and espousing a green lifestyle.

LUMIAGRO-home planter

LumiAgro:Promoting the Sustainable Development of Facility Agriculture

As part of GMY, a specialized brand in agricultural lighting, Designed to suit the climatic conditions of the Middle East region, LumiAgro will display agricultural grow lights and container planting systems at the Expo. LumiAgro aims to offer efficient, environmentally friendly, and energy-saving agricultural planting solutions through the power of light technology.

plant factory

container planter

The China (UAE) Trade Fair 2023(14th China Homelife Dubai), a key facilitator of China-UAE business synergy, advances bilateral trade ties. GMY, devoted to innovating light technology applications for over 20 years, champions a healthier, greener lifestyle. At this Expo, GMY's revolutionary light tech offerings will illustrate Chinese manufacturing strength. We seek to broaden global interactions, harness market opportunities, and propel the light tech industry globally. We're excited to share our ethos of "creating better life with light" with you.

Creating Better Life with Light



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