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GMY in UAE | LumiGro Smart Indoor Grower: Big Yields in Small Spaces, Unlocking the Potential of Indoor Gardening

Views: 4769     Author: GMY     Publish Time: 2023-06-02      Origin: Site

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By 2050, the global population is projected to reach 9.7 billion, with 70% living in urban areas. The accelerating urbanization process is putting a strain on arable lands, creating a pressing need for innovative solutions. As we grapple with challenges such as climate change, diminishing land resources, and the difficulties of traditional crop cultivation, it becomes imperative to explore adaptive solutions.LumiGro, an esteemed agricultural lighting brand under GMY, is set to unveil its pioneering Demeter series of smart indoor planting machines at the forthcoming China (UAE) Trade Fair 2023(14th China Homelife Dubai).This innovative machine makes high-efficiency planting feasible even within limited indoor spaces, serving both aesthetic and practical needs while infusing life spaces with a vibrant touch of green.

What exactly is a smart indoor planting machine?

LumiGro's Demeter series seamlessly merges scientific technology with natural ecology, simulating an ideal environment for vegetable growth. These machines simplify the intricacies of conventional planting methods, catering to the modern urbanites' desire to consume home-grown produce. Beyond just home use, the Demeter series can serve as an educational tool for plant growth studies, or as an elegant piece of indoor decor. It is adaptable to a variety of public spaces, including shopping malls, restaurants, hospitals, schools, and offices.

demeter indoor hydroponics planter

Multilayered Planting Design: Small Spaces, Big Yields

The Demeter series' smart indoor planter, roughly the size of a small refrigerator, occupy an area of only 0.2-0.4㎡, while capable of accommodating a variety of vegetables. Thanks to its multi-layer vertical design, each machine can plant between 150-190 plants simultaneously. Additionally, a well-integrated nursery and planting layer system allows plants of different growth stages to thrive concurrently, optimising vegetable yield. Impressively, the Demeter series boasts a yield per unit area four times that of traditional planting, truly embodying the principle of high yields from small spaces.

demeter indoor hydroponics planter

Smart Lighting System: Accelerating Robust Growth

Equipped with professional LED plant supplementary lights, the Demeter series provides an optimal environment for plant photosynthesis, facilitating faster, healthier plant growth. One standout feature of this series is its intelligent light control system, which adjusts illumination duration for each planting layer based on the specific light requirements of various plants. This allows gardening enthusiasts to delve into and explore the mechanisms of plant growth. Furthermore, its smart timing control function ensures plants get sufficient light for photosynthesis while providing ample rest periods, making gardening more user-friendly and less labor-intensive.

demeter indoor hydroponics planter

Scientific Precision Control: Cultivating Healthier, Tastier Produce

Merging scientific hydroponic cultivation technology with precision farming, the Demeter series uses an efficient, safe nutrient solution to deliver essential nutrients, trace elements, and minerals to plants. This promotes healthy plant growth and enhances the safety and quality of the produce. It's worth noting that these machines feature an all-encompassing intelligent water circulation system. Utilizing tidal irrigation technology for 360° three-dimensional watering, this system precisely controls water levels, enabling plants to uniformly absorb water and oxygen. This irrigation method enhances planting efficiency and energy conservation, while remarkably saving up to 95% of water.

demeter indoor hydroponics planter

LumiGro, deeply invested in the symbiosis of light and growth, is eager to showcase its novel indoor planting experiences at the upcoming China (UAE) Trade Fair 2023(14th China Homelife Dubai). Through a variety of technological solutions adaptable to diverse scenarios, we aim to offer Middle Eastern business delegates a fresh perspective on indoor cultivation. We at GMY warmly extend an invitation for you to participate in this trade expo. Together, let's discover how lighting technology can illuminate our path to a greener, more sustainable life.

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