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GMY's Innovative Lighting Technology Products Unveiled at the China (UAE) Trade Fair 2023

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Since its launch in 2009, the China (UAE) Trade Fair 2023 (China Home Life Dubai) has successfully organized thirteen editions, steadily evolving into an international event of high interest for the UAE government and business sector. It also stands as a significant platform for commercial collaboration between China and the UAE, having played a vital role in advancing bilateral economic and trade relations.


GMY, an outstanding enterprise in the field of lighting technology, is invited to attend the China (UAE) Trade Fair 2023 (China Home Life Dubai) held at the Dubai World Trade Center from June 13 to 15 (Booth number: 3F117). Throughout the exhibition, GMY will showcase to merchants the innovative highlights, technologies, and applications in the lighting technology.

China-UAE trade fair010

GMY Shines Bright in UAE

In today's rapidly progressing society, the pursuit for quality of life continues to amplify. The commitment to create a healthy and comfortable living environment remains our unrelenting goal. At this year's China (UAE) Trade Fair, GMY presents its innovative SafeGlo UV series products and the newest offerings from the LumiAgro plant series, capturing the interest and footfall of numerous visitors.

China-UAE trade fair01

China-UAE trade fair02

· LumiAgro Home Growing Series ·

LumiAgro's plant series is also making its debut at the exhibition. LumiAgro is committed to investigating the relationship between light and growth, providing tailor-made solutions for a variety of plant species and growth stages. At this event, we're presenting LumiAgro's innovative home growing solutions. The Adonis and Demeter series, using professional plant light technology, simulate sunlight, ensuring the rapid and healthy growth of plants. They break through spatial and climatic limitations, bringing green living into urban homes.

China-UAE trade fair03

Home Planter Series Product Features:

●Zero pesticide residues: Safe fruit and vegetable consumption without pesticide residues.

●Easy to operate: Simpler and more convenient planting.

●Increased growth rate by 30%: Smart LED growth lighting system simulates sunlight, quality light source promotes plant growth.

●Experience plant growth at any time: Enjoy the joy of home planting, observe the plant growth process at any time.

●Ideal gift choice: Exquisite design, aesthetic and practical, an excellent gift for a green and healthy life.

China-UAE trade fair04

China-UAE trade fair05

· LumiAgro Facility Agriculture ·

Additionally, GMY is also showcasing LumiAgro's container modular planting system, an innovative plant growth solution incorporating all elements required for vegetable production (such as light, water, nutrition, temperature, air, humidity). It transcends time and environmental constraints, catering to the demand for planting vegetables anytime, anywhere. This system can be flexibly combined, conveniently expanding the scale of cultivation to meet large-scale planting needs.

China-UAE trade fair06

China-UAE trade fair06-1


· SafeGlo UV Series ·

As an accomplished manufacturer and solutions provider of UV light source products, GMY has accumulated an abundance of professional knowledge and experience in the UV disinfection arena. At the China (UAE) Trade Fair, GMY is showcasing multiple products such as the Intelligent UV Disinfection Desk Lamp, PEP ONE Personal Environment Purifier, among others. These products, widely applicable in diverse indoor scenarios such as private spaces and homes, aim to craft a healthier, greener living environment.

PEP ONE Personal Environment Purifier

Empowered by UV and photocatalytic technology, the purifier suppresses and eliminates a variety of bacteria and viruses within a specified space. It is fitted with a three-level adjustment function and an adjustable stand, enabling wind speed and outlet angle customization, making it particularly suitable for personal smaller spaces.

China-UAE trade fair08

Intelligent UV Disinfection Desk Lamp

This desk lamp, leveraging 254nm UV technology, disinfects and purifies a space of 25~40 cubic meters. It is equipped with human body sensing, voice prompts, and a three-stage timer function, making it ideal for disinfecting homes and offices.

China-UAE trade fair09

In the advancement of lighting technology, GMY remains steadfast in its continuous R&D and innovation, offering customers superior products and services. At the China (UAE) Trade Fair 2023, we eagerly look forward to sharing our innovative technological achievements with you. Together, we will explore the unlimited potential of lighting technology, injecting more elements of light technology into a better life. (Booth number: 3F117)

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