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GMY's SafeGlo Mobile Air Purifier: Quick 12-minute Cycle for a Refreshed Driving Experience and Enhanced Comfort

Views: 3560     Author: GMY     Publish Time: 2023-05-23      Origin: Site

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As cars have deeply integrated into our lives, whether for daily commutes or leisure trips, they are no longer merely seen as a simple means of transportation, but rather as a "second space" in life. Therefore, the quality of the car interior environment has received a lot of attention and importance from most car owners. Studies have shown that compared to air pollution in urban environments, the pollution inside a car may be more severe. Due to the relatively small space inside a car, poor ventilation conditions, and often being in a warm and humid environment, these are all conducive conditions for various bacteria to breed. Therefore, whether it's exhaust fumes, dust, odors from the external environment, or pet hair and bacteria attached to the air conditioning filter in the car, or even formaldehyde released from new car decorations, these factors could potentially pose threats to the health of car owners and passengers.

For this reason, GMY, with its professional strength in the field of light technology, has developed a brand new SafeGlo mobile air purifier. This product combines high technology and practicality, with powerful purification and disinfection capabilities, aiming to create a fresh and healthy driving environment.

Safeglo portable air purifier

Compared to traditional car air purifiers, the SafeGlo mobile air purifier is faster and more efficient. The product uses advanced aerodynamic principles to "suck in" the polluted air inside the car through the air inlet at the bottom into the purifier, then purifies it with far ultraviolet light, and releases clean air from the air outlet at the top. According to test data, it takes only about 12 minutes to efficiently purify a space of 2.5 cubic meters, while also achieving a disinfection effect. Whether it's viruses, bacteria, formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds or odors, they can all be effectively purified.

Safeglo portable air purifier02

Moreover, the compact design of SafeGlo allows it to adapt to a variety of use scenarios. Not only can it be used in cars, but it can also provide a fresh air environment in public places such as coffee shops and libraries, guarding and purifying the air environment anytime and anywhere, making life more comfortable. GMY is focused on the research and manufacture of light technology, using the power of light technology to protect health and provide more possibilities for a better life.

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