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Gathering at the Canton Fair | LumiAgro Introduces the New Wave of Green Cultivation and Wholesome Living

Views: 5694     Author: GMY     Publish Time: 2023-10-18      Origin: Site

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In today's sociocultural backdrop, there's a significant evolution in modern family dining perspectives. More and more individuals are looking beyond mere taste, delving deeper into the source, quality, and nutritional merit of their food, putting a premium on dietary health and safety. Young families, emblematic of a new consumer generation, are actively integrating health-conscious choices into their daily routines, aspiring to deliver genuinely scientific and nutritional benefits to their loved ones.

To cater to this burgeoning demand for wholesome dining, GMY's plant lighting subsidiary, LumiAgro, showcased its Demeter line of indoor smart cultivation systems at the Canton Fair. This product line is designed to offer urban households a handy and efficient indoor vegetable cultivation solution, enabling family members to not only revel in the joy of green cultivation but also to enrich their daily meals with fresh, healthful green ingredients. Thanks to its trailblazing design and notable utility, the Demeter series has garnered considerable attention at the fair, standing out as a significant highlight.

canton fair

An Urban Family's 1㎡ Personal Green Patch

The Demeter indoor planting system employs an ingenious multi-layered vertical cultivation method, allowing urban dwellers to commandeer a compact 1㎡ personal "green patch", catering to diverse vegetable and fruit planting needs. What's particularly clever is the system's design, which harmoniously melds the germination and cultivation layers, ensuring plants receive consistent care throughout their growth, resulting in a steady and prolific vegetable yield.

demeter home planter

Ingredients Untainted by Pesticides, Pollutants, or Hormones

The Demeter series seamlessly incorporates expert plant lighting, hydroponic cultivation, and intelligent controls, creating an ideal growth environment, which in turn fosters healthy and vigorous plant growth. Beyond providing households with ingredients free of pesticides, pollutants, and hormones, the system also lets family members relish the entire journey – from sowing the seeds to the joy of harvest and tasting.


At this edition of the Canton Fair, many attendees, after a deep dive into the product, offered high praise, recognizing that the Demeter indoor smart cultivator isn't just functional and aesthetically pleasing. More importantly, it presents urban families with a reliable solution for safe and healthy green ingredients.


GMY Warmly Welcomes You to This Grand Occasion

With an expansive cultivation space spanning approximately 6000㎡ in its plant factory, LumiAgro remains devoted to pioneering innovations at the intersection of light and plant growth. Using lighting technology as a conduit, our aim is to usher in more green innovations to modern living. At the 134th Canton Fair, we extend a heartfelt invitation for you to visit our booth (Booth No.: 15.4 A21-22/B01-02), collaborating with us in envisioning the future of green cultivation and health-centric living.

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