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Germicidal And Deodorizing Machine

The SafeGlo Germicidal and Deodorizing Machine features a low-noise design, integrating photocatalyst and ultraviolet technologies. It efficiently eliminates unpleasant odors in specific areas, while safely and effectively removing bacteria and viruses from the air. This results in combined air purification and germicidal action. With three timing settings, it adapts to different environments and needs, offering a personalized air purification experience. Suitable for homes, offices, hotel rooms, and more, it provides high-quality air, allowing you to enjoy a healthy and fresh living space.

Air Germicidal and Deodorizing Machine – Efficient Multi-Scenario Purification: Comprehensive Air Protection Solution

Key Features:

  • Efficient Purification: Utilizing photocatalytic technology, it efficiently removes bad odors in the air (e.g., pet odor, decoration smell, second-hand smoke smell, etc.) as well as harmful gases such as aldehydes, TVOC, etc.

  • Safe Germicidal: Designed for spaces shared by humans and machines, swiftly neutralizes airborne bacteria and viruses.

  • Quiet Operation: Features low-noise functionality, ensuring no disruption to daily life. It comes with three timer settings to satisfy diverse purification needs.

  • Suitable for Various Spaces: Capable of purifying areas ranging from 25 to 40 cubic meters, ideal for larger spaces such as kindergartens, residential areas, and hotel rooms.


Voltage100-240 V
Weight (g)4000
Working area25m2
Dimension (Wx H xD mm)200x400x200
Packing Weight (kg)4.15
Packing Size (W x H x D mm)269x494x290
Warranty Information1-year warranty

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