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Vehicle Odor Eliminating Air Purifier

The SafeGlo Vehicle Odor Eliminating Air Purifier features a 360° all-round circulation design, combining ultraviolet light, activated oxygen, and photocatalyst triple purification technologies. It effectively removes bacteria, viruses, volatile organic compounds, various odors (such as smoke, mold, leather, etc.), and harmful gases like formaldehyde from the vehicle interior. Its high-efficiency purification function not only improves the air quality inside the vehicle but also achieves a 99.9% high germicidal rate, ensuring a hygienic and fresh environment. Additionally, the purifier is specially designed with a silent operation mode, with noise levels as low as 30db, creating a comfortable driving and riding experience. The purifier covers an area of up to 2.5 cubic meters, making it suitable for most vehicle types and an ideal choice for in-vehicle air purification.

Vehicle Odor Eliminating Air Purifier — The Car Interior Air Purification Specialist: Efficient, Comprehensive, Rapid Purification

Key benefits:

  • Triple Purification Technology: Utilizes ultraviolet, active oxygen, and photocatalyst for effective odor neutralization and germicidal action.

  • 360° No-Dead-Angle Circulation: Significantly enhances the air quality in the vehicle.

  • Fast Action: Eliminates tobacco, mold, leather odors, formaldehyde, and other harmful gases within 12 minutes.

  • High Germicidal Efficiency: Achieves a 99.9% sterilization rate, effectively removing airborne bacteria and viruses.

  • Silent Operation: With a minimal noise level of 30db, it ensures a quiet air purification experience in the car.

  • Broad Coverage: Purifies a space of up to 3 cubic meters, suitable for the majority of car models.


Product Size80 x   64.7mm      Power6W
Applicable Space5㎡Weight150g
Rated VoltageDC5VPrincipleUVC+photocatalyst

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