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Harvest Success in Chinese Space Station: Plant Lighting Technology Stands Out

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Did you know? Vegetable cultivation has expanded beyond the fields we're familiar with. In recent years, with the advancement of aerospace and planting technologies, space vegetable cultivation has become a new area of research. In fact, scientists on the space station, hundreds of kilometers away, have successfully grown thriving vegetables. Following space breeding, this form of space agriculture has increasingly become an essential part of space science and aerospace technology research.

According to CCTV, astronauts aboard the Shenzhou 16 recently reported a successful harvest in the Chinese space station using a specialized space cultivation device. The device visible in the footage, termed the "Space Vegetable Garden," is a modular space plant cultivation device designed by researchers at the China Astronaut Research and Training Center. This apparatus not only showcases advanced cultivation design but is also pivotal for the healthy growth of plants in space.

China space station

Photosynthesis is crucial for plant growth, a fact that is well-established. However, within the dimly-lit confines of the space station, this process faces challenges. To address this, the "Space Vegetable Garden" incorporated a specially designed plant lighting system, ensuring plants receive quality and adequate light, thus effectively promoting their healthy growth.

Space garden

From the footage, it's evident that the lettuce cultivated by Chinese astronauts thrived in space, benefiting from scientific control over lighting, moisture, and nutrition. The bountiful yield from the space station's "Space Vegetable Garden" is attributed to both the meticulous care of the astronauts and the pivotal role of the lighting technology.

Space garden03

LumiAgro's Plant Factory

Recognizing the future potential and application prospects of plant lighting, LumiAgro, a brand under GMY focusing on plant lighting, ventured into this field's research and development early on. Currently, LumiAgro operates a plant factory spanning nearly 6000㎡, providing empirical evidence and data support for the R&D and innovation of plant growth lamps.


LumiAgro's Plant Factory is an efficient agricultural system that enables continuous annual crop production through high-precision environmental control within the facility. This entails the automated control of parameters like temperature, humidity, light, CO₂ concentration, and nutrient solutions, ensuring that plants' growth is least affected or even unaffected by natural conditions, making it a labor-efficient mode of production.

plant factory-06

The factory adopts a scientific vertical planting scheme similar to that in space stations, using precise light spectrums tailored to plant photosynthetic needs. This significantly enhances the nutritional content and improves the taste of crops.

LumiAgro's Modular Containerized Planting System

To address challenges posed by geography and climatic conditions to vegetable cultivation, LumiAgro introduced an innovative and comprehensive plant growth solution: the Modular Containerized Planting System. This system integrates all essential elements for vegetable production (like light, water, nutrients, temperature, air, humidity) within a single container module, breaking the bounds of time and environmental constraints, catering to the need for planting vegetables anytime, anywhere. LumiAgro's system not only offers flexible combinations, making planting management more straightforward but can also be easily scaled up to meet large-scale planting demands.

container planter

planting container02

  • Advanced Technology and Automation: Leveraging innovative container planting technology and intelligent control systems, the system achieves fully automated plant cultivation, growth, lighting, and water and nutrient management. Seven years of production experience attest to our expertise in cultivation techniques and management.

  • Energy Efficiency: Utilizing precise timing control systems, the system meets plant demands with minimal energy consumption. Especially in plant lighting, by using multi-band, minute-level control, it enhances lighting efficiency, saving up to 20% on power costs. This technology contributes to higher crop yields and quality while reducing resource and cost consumption.

  • High Adaptability: Regardless of the geographic location or climate, LumiAgro's Modular Containerized Planting System can adapt to various environments, fostering broader, more diversified agriculture.

  • Optimized Space Utilization: Employing full-seedling and vertical planting methods, the system maximizes plant growth in constrained spaces, achieving significant space savings.

  • Customized Professional Spectrum: Depending on varied planting requirements, it provides professionally tailored light spectrums to meet their growth demands.

  • Sustainable Growth: Water recycling and fertilizer cycling systems drastically reduce water and fertilizer wastage, minimizing environmental pollution. Our sustainable production model aligns with modern societal aspirations for environmental conservation and sustainable development.

About GMY Lighting Technology

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