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Heshan International Students' Association Visits GMY for On-site Study

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On July 21st, a practical activity themed "Understanding the Nation, Reflecting on Founding Aspirations, and Undertaking Responsibilities", jointly hosted by the Heshan Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese and the Heshan International Students' Association, was successfully carried out. As part of the activity, the association's delegation conducted an on-site visit and study at GMY Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "GMY"). The visit was facilitated and accompanied by Mai Meiju, the Vice Chair of the Federation, and Liang Jianjun, Deputy Mayor of the Republic Town, with Mr. Yang Huazhang, Vice President of GMY, personally welcoming the delegation.

To provide the Heshan International Students' Association with a thorough understanding of GMY, Vice President Yang Huazhang led the group through GMY's showroom. He elaborated on the company's business operations, development trajectory, the application of lighting technology across diverse sectors, as well as the accolades and certifications GMY has garnered. This gave the delegation an insightful overview of GMY.Vice President Yang Huazhang led the study team of the City International Students Association to visit the exhibition hall of Guangmingyuan Company

Furthermore, Vice President Yang escorted the delegation to visit GMY's container farming project and gave a detailed rundown on the plant factory. GMY is dedicated to the research, development, and manufacturing of applications for lighting technology, particularly those involving light and plant growth. They offer a wide range of customized supplementary lighting solutions for industrial agriculture and home gardening. Through Vice President Yang's comprehensive introduction, the delegation gained a deep understanding of the plant factory, the LumiAgro home smart planting solution, and supplementary lighting strategies for industrial agriculture. The session was marked by lively interaction and exchange, rendering the study visit highly productive.Introduce the planting container project

The research team learned about LumiAgro home smart planting programThe research team understands the light replenishment scheme of facility agriculture

In the interactive segment, members of the Heshan International Students' Association participated enthusiastically. They indicated that the visit significantly bolstered their knowledge and understanding of lighting technology. They were impressed by the broad applications of light and the substantial potential for the future advancement of lighting technology. They expressed eagerness for more opportunities to engage in in-depth exchange and collaboration with GMY.

Members of the study team of the Municipal International Students Association had an active exchange and interaction with Vice President Yang Huazhang

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