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Highlight Preview of the Canton Fair | GMY Introduces UV Air Purification Technology in Response to Ozone Pollution

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In recent years, ozone pollution has increasingly taken over PM2.5, becoming one of the priary pollutants affecting atmospheric environmental management. The issue of how to more effectively tackle ozone pollution has captured the attention of relevant departments, various environmental protection companies, and atmospheric governance institutions. Chen Jinsheng, a researcher from the Urban Environmental Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, noted that the challenge of ozone pollution has been present for a long time, but its impact is more covert compared to PM2.5.

To tackle this issue, GMY will unveil a series of UV air purification solutions at the 134th Canton Fair on October 15th, aiming to effectively reduce airborne pollutants like ozone and contribute to a healthier living environment.

l Exhibition Date: October 15-19, 2023

l Location: Canton Fair Pazhou Exhibition Hall

l Booth Number: 15.4 A21-22/B01-02

On Ozone Pollution

Ozone (O3) predominantly resides in the upper atmosphere, known as the ozone layer, serving as Earth's shield against ultraviolet radiation. However, ground-level ozone, primarily produced by human activities and reacting pollutants under sunlight, has become a major air pollutant. This ozone, formed by volatile organic compounds, nitrogen oxides, and carbon monoxide in the presence of sunlight, poses significant risks to human health, ecosystems, and the global climate. According to China's "Ambient Air Quality Standards," an 8-hour average ozone concentration surpassing 160ug/m³ breaches the set standard. 

Network diagram

Furthermore, the challenge of ozone pollution isn't confined to the outdoors; indoor environments grapple with it too. Sources of indoor ozone include photochemical reactions of nitrogen oxides, emissions from office equipment like laser printers and copiers, and volatile organic compounds from furnishings and building materials, as well as compromised outdoor air quality.

UV Solutions for Ozone Reduction

Given the health threats ozone pollution poses, the development and implementation of efficient ozone mitigation and purification technologies are crucial. Recent research suggests that ultraviolet light (UVC) at a wavelength of 254nm can optimally absorb ozone, breaking it down and offering an effective means to reduce its concentration.

In response, GMY, a premier UV product manufacturer and solution provider, will present a range of UV air purification solutions to ensure healthier air.

Ventilation Duct UV Air Purification

To counter the impacts of outdoor air pollutants on indoor settings, GMY will launch an innovative UV air purification solution for central air conditioning ventilation ducts at the Canton Fair. This approach involves installing UV air disinfection device. 

Ventilation Duct UV Air Purification

within these ducts. It not only eliminates ozone and other contaminants effectively but also disinfects the air, greatly diminishing the chances of pollutants and pathogens entering indoor spaces, ensuring a more wholesome air quality.


Indoor UV Air Purification

Addressing the need for indoor air purification, GMY introduces the SafeGlo home UV air purification series. Harnessing 254nm UV technology in conjunction with rapid airflow design, it can swiftly neutralize ozone and unpleasant odors while providing efficient air disinfection, eliminating airborne bacteria and viruses. This ensures a healthier and more comfortable air quality in homes, offices, and other indoor spaces.

Indoor UV Air Purification

SafeGlo Vigor Air Purifier

  • 254nm UV-C technology

  • Quick indoor air disinfection

  • Purified space: 25~40 cubic meters

GMY Welcomes You at the 134th Canton Fair

With escalating environmental concerns, air quality management is not a mere talking point but a tangible challenge we all face. The introduction of GMY's UV solutions for ozone reduction is a positive step in addressing this global issue. At this Canton Fair, GMY earnestly invites your presence (Booth Number: 15.4 A21-22/B01-02). Join us in discussing the broader implications and potential of lighting technology in environmental purification, championing a sustainable and healthy lifestyle together.

The 134th Canton Fair INVITATION

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