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Highlight Preview of the Canton Fair | LumiAgro's Innovative Greenhouse Lighting Solutions

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In recent years, with the rapid development of plant factories, facility agriculture has demanded even higher standards for artificial lighting technology. The challenge of how to utilize light to promote the growth of a wider variety of plants has become a focal point in the industry.

To address this need, many companies are dedicated to the development of cutting-edge lighting solutions. Notably, the 134th China Import and Export Fair, commonly known as the Canton Fair, taking place on October 15th, will serve as a significant platform for businesses to showcase their innovations. GMY, boasting over 20 years of experience in lighting technology R&D and manufacturing, will seize this opportunity to present its specialized plant lighting brand, LumiAgro. At the fair, LumiAgro will introduce its novel "Greenhouse Plant Lighting Solution" and several popular products from the Apollo series, displaying the innovative applications of lighting in facility agriculture to merchants from around the world.

  • Exhibition Date: October 15-19, 2023

  • Location: Canton Fair Pazhou Exhibition Hall

  • Booth Number: 15.4 A21-22/B01-02

Showcasing Expertise: LumiAgro's Robust Lighting Technology

With 8 years of practical experience in the field of plant lighting, LumiAgro has always been committed to the research and innovation of light-driven plant growth. Inside LumiAgro's technical R&D center, there is a plant factory that covers an area of 6,000㎡. This facility provides a wealth of scientific data and hands-on experience for the research and development of professional supplementary lighting in facility agriculture.

Plant factoryPlant factory 2

After years of dedication and exploration, LumiAgro has accumulated profound technical expertise in supplementary lighting technology for controlled-agriculture. Notably, the supplementary lighting projects at the Vietnam dragon fruit plantation and the XinHui tangerine plantation have garnered unanimous praise from a wide range of partners and clients.

Vietnam Dragon Fruit Supplementary Lighting Technology Project

∆ Vietnam Dragon Fruit Supplementary Lighting Technology Project

XinHui Tangerine Supplementary Lighting Technology ProjectXinHui Tangerine Supplementary Lighting Technology Project2

∆ XinHui Tangerine Supplementary Lighting Technology Project

New Product Spotlight: LumiAgro's Greenhouse Lighting Solutions

To cater to the needs of greenhouses and other agricultural facilities at the Canton Fair, LumiAgro will launch the Apollo series' greenhouse lighting solutions. This includes innovative products for inter-plant and top lighting, aiming to offer customers efficient, flexible, and reliable lighting solutions that enhance agricultural productivity and quality.

01. Interplant Grow Light Solution

Interplant Grow Light Solution

Interplant Grow Light Solution 2

  • Suitable for various plant growth environments: Designed specifically for different plant growth environments, ensuring high levels of PPFD to meet the growth needs of various plants.

  • Comprehensive lighting: Provides 240° of light distribution, ensuring uniform supplemental lighting between plants to promote healthy growth.

  • Convenient installation: Supports serial connection for flexible expansion and assembly, suitable for various installation environments. Also equipped with a waterproof connector for quicker replacement.

  • Multiple applications: Suitable for greenhouses and indoor lighting. The use of overhead and interplant lights together is recommended for optimal lighting effects.

02. Top Grow Light Solution

Top Grow Light Solution

  • Integrated cooling design: High-quality overall cooling structure to ensure continuous stable operation and extended lifespan.

  • Customized spectrum: Offers various spectral customization options to meet specific planting needs and enhance plant growth.

  • Convenient installation: Specifically designed for greenhouse structures, equipped with connectors for easy installation and future maintenance.

  • High protection level: IP66 level of protection, suitable for various environments, ensuring stable device operation.

  • Promotes growth: Compact with no shadow, high PPF, effectively promotes healthy plant growth and increases yield.

03. Top Grow Light Solution (Lighting + Disinfection Two-in-One)

Top Grow Light Solution (Lighting + Disinfection Two-in-One) Top Grow Light Solution (Lighting + Disinfection Two-in-One) 2

  • High-output: Provides options of 200W and 300W, with an output up to 2.8umol/J, supplying ample light energy for plant growth.

  • Efficient cooling: Equipped with an advanced cooling system to ensure continuous stable operation and extended lifespan.

  • Smart sensing and dimming: Automatically senses 120-277V or 347-480V power supplies, standard-equipped with 0-10V dimming function, intelligently adapting to different power environments.

  • Maintains a photon flux of Q90: Working stably for more than 36,000 hours, meeting the IESNA TM-21 standard.

  • Robust protection: Silicone seal and PMMA lens design provide IP65 protection, ensuring stable device operation.

  • Two-in-one design: Integrates lighting and UVA disinfection, with one-touch switching, ensuring comprehensive support for healthy plant growth.

  • Lightweight installation: Lightweight design and simple plug-in connection, supporting multi-unit connections, allowing for easy installation, potentially saving up to 85% on installation costs.

Star Features: LumiAgro Meets Diverse Plant Lighting Needs

Beyond the new products, LumiAgro will also present a range of specialized lighting products at the Canton Fair, such as tissue culture lights, plant growth lights, flowering lamps, aquatic plant lamps, FACHOI lamps, and full-spectrum plant PAR lamps. Tailored to the growth characteristics of different plants, these customized lighting solutions provide premium light sources, driving both the quality and quantity of agricultural production.

customized lighting solutions

GMY Warmly Invites You to Join Us at the 134th Canton Fair

As technology continues to advance, the evolution of plant factories and facility agriculture raises people's expectations for food safety and the ecological environment. We sincerely invite you to visit GMY's booth (Booth Number: 15.4 A21-22/B01-02) at the 134th Canton Fair. Let's collaborate and share insights on harnessing advanced lighting technology to foster healthy and rapid plant growth, embracing the new development opportunities in facility agriculture.

The 134th Canton Fair invitation

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