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How To Deal with Indoor Air Pollution in Winter? GMY's Air Purification And Odor Removal Solution Guards Daily Health

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With the arrival of autumn and winter, a series of weather phenomena including smog, dust storms, and floating dust have appeared in many areas, progressively turning air quality into a major public concern. Particularly, the deterioration of the external air environment has resulted in a marked increase in concerns regarding indoor air quality.

Under the conditions of low temperatures in winter, outdoor air pollution intensifies, prompting many individuals to opt for closing doors and windows to maintain indoor warmth and block external pollutants. Although this approach reduces the impact of outdoor air pollution on the indoor environment, it also restricts the circulation of indoor air, leading to a decrease in indoor air quality. This scenario not only readily results in the build-up of disagreeable odors including mold, pet, smoke, and chemical smells in the indoor air but may also lead to the accumulation of bacteria, viruses, formaldehyde, and other harmful gases, negatively impacting human health.

Your Odor Removal Expert: Eliminating Odors, Formaldehyde, and Germs

To address this challenge, GMY has introduced the SafeGlo series of air purification and odor removal solutions for individuals and home life. These solutions address problems such as:

  • Air pollution (e.g., PM2.5, formaldehyde, second-hand smoke, particulate matter)

  • High incidence of flu (e.g., H1N1 virus, E. coli, natural bacteria)

  • Unpleasant odors (e.g., body odor, pet smells, damp mold odors)

existing problem

Car Air Purifier: Expert in Vehicle Air Purification, Efficient, Comprehensive, and Fast Purification

  • Triple purification: Combines ultraviolet, active oxygen, and photocatalytic technology for efficient odor removal and disinfection.

  • 360°circulation design effectively improves vehicle air quality.

  • Removes odors, mold, leather smells, and harmful gases like formaldehyde within 12 minutes.

  • Achieves a 99.9% high disinfection rate, effectively removing bacteria and viruses.

  • Silent operation: Runs at a noise level as low as 30db, providing a quiet air purification environment for driving.

  • Application range: Covers a purification space of 2.5 cubic meters, suitable for most vehicle types.

Car Air Purifier

PEP ONE Portable Air Purifier: Portable Freshness, Stylish and Convenient, Personal Space Purification Essential

  • Portable: Compact design with a large-capacity battery, lasting over 3 hours, safeguarding your health anytime, anywhere.

  • Purification function: Quickly removes various odors while killing bacteria and viruses, maintaining fresh air and making your life more comfortable.

  • Silent operation: Operates at only 30db, without disturbing the surrounding environment.

  • Use scenarios: Efficiently purifies a space of 3 cubic meters, suitable for personal use in small spaces like bathrooms, wardrobes, shoe cabinets, and offices.


Air Disinfection and Odor Removal Device: Multifaceted Efficient Purification, Comprehensive Solution for Air Protection

  • Effective disinfection: Designed for spaces inhabited by both humans and machines, rapidly eliminates airborne bacteria and viruses.

  • Silent design: Low-noise operation, does not disturb daily life. Offers three timing options to meet different purification needs.

  • Application scenarios: Purifies a space ranging from 25 to 40 cubic meters, suitable for larger areas such as kindergartens, home spaces, and hotel rooms.

Air Disinfection and Odor Removal Device

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