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Li Handong, Deputy Mayor of Jiangmen City, Inspects GMY's Booth and Praises LumiAgro's Indoor Smart Cultivation System

Views: 7321     Author: GMY     Publish Time: 2023-10-19      Origin: Site

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On October 18th, Li Handong, the Deputy Mayor of Jiangmen City, along with a delegation, visited the Canton Fair's special exhibition area for products from Jiangmen Central Platform and conducted an in-depth inspection of GMY's booth.


Under the guidance of GMY's Chairman, Hong Yannan, Deputy Mayor Li Handong acquired a comprehensive understanding of the indoor smart cultivation system by LumiAgro, a plant lighting brand under GMY. With its innovative technology and design, this system offers urban families an efficient cultivation solution. Urban households can not only indulge in the pleasures of indoor planting but also savor fresh vegetables grown by their own hands, free from pesticides, hormones, and pollutants.


During their conversation, Deputy Mayor Li Handong remarked, "This product perfectly balances innovation with practicality. It not only overcomes the limitations of traditional indoor planting but also offers a new cultivation model for urban families. It clearly underscores GMY's innovative prowess in the field of lighting technology." He expressed strong acknowledgment and approval of GMY and its LumiAgro brand's remarkable performance.


As one of the representative companies of Jiangmen, GMY received high acclaim at the Canton Fair. This recognition has further bolstered GMY's commitment to ongoing research and innovation in the lighting technology realm. As the Canton Fair drew to a successful close, we eagerly anticipate GMY's future collaborations with more partners, striving together to propel advances in lighting technology and provide global customers with quality products and services from Jiangmen.

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