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New Developments in UV222 Disinfection Technology: China CDC Affirms Its Efficiency and Safety

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Recently, the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (hereinafter referred to as China CDC) published an article titled "Research Progress on the Effectiveness and Safety of 222nm Ultraviolet Disinfection" in the "Chinese Journal of Disinfection." The article, based on a large amount of empirical data and research results, confirms the effectiveness and safety of 222nm ultraviolet (hereinafter referred to as UV222nm) disinfection technology. The article points out, "UV222nm can effectively kill a variety of bacteria and viruses. Low doses of UV222nm can achieve the same disinfection effect as traditional ultraviolet rays, while its limited penetration into biological tissues does not harm the skin's basal cells and eyes. Using UV222nm within the allowable daily radiation safety threshold can effectively disinfect the surrounding environment while considering human safety."

The Chinese Journal of Disinfection is a national academic journal devoted to promoting scientific research results, exchanging work experiences, promoting technical reforms, and developing the disinfection industry. This article published by China CDC not only proposes the breakthrough progress of UV222nm, a new type of disinfection technology, but also shows the recognition of the technology by top domestic experts and scholars in the field of disease prevention and control and disinfection.

Since a paper published by Columbia University in the United States in 2017 confirmed that the UV222nm generated by KrCl excimer lamps has a good disinfection effect and almost no harm to the skin, UV222nm has become a hot topic in the field of ultraviolet disinfection. Consequently, many brands at home and abroad have launched related disinfection products with UV222nm. Although UV222nm shows significant advantages in disinfection effects, there are still technical challenges to overcome in actual production, such as managing the purity of UV222nm, radiation efficiency, safe radiation threshold, and monitoring the amount of ozone to ensure that the use of UV222nm is both efficient and safe, thus achieving the effect of "dynamic disinfection, coexistence of humans and machines, and real-time protection."

To this end, GMY cooperated with university scientific research institutions to jointly develop the SafeGlo 222nm far ultraviolet disinfection series. In a series of strict effectiveness and safety testing experiments, GMY's SafeGlo 222nm far ultraviolet disinfection series products were affirmed by CSIR laboratory, which has globally recognized influence. The test results show that GMY's SafeGlo 222nm ultraviolet lamp can efficiently disinfect air and surfaces without harming humans. Notably, the SafeGlo 222nm intelligent far-uvc disinfection lamp for elevators can achieve efficient disinfection of 3 cubic meters space in about 20 minutes, with a disinfection rate of up to 99.9%. Also, the far-uvc disinfection doorcan complete the disinfection process of the surfaces of people or things passing through in just 6 seconds, also achieving a disinfection rate of 99.9%.

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At present, SafeGlo 222nm far ultraviolet disinfection has been widely used in the field of infection control. During the Winter Olympics, Zhangjiakou competition area Chongli Hospital used GMY's SafeGlo 222nm excimer lamp module disinfection door for comprehensive disinfection of delivery robots entering and exiting, effectively preventing the spread of viruses in the hospital. Furthermore, government agencies, state-owned enterprise hotels, large hospitals, and high-traffic public places such as railways and aviation across the country have also chosen GMY's SafeGlo 222nm disinfection equipment for effective disinfection of the space environment.

 GMY has been focusing on the research and development and manufacturing of lighting technology applications for more than 20 years. We look forward to laying a solid foundation for the development of lighting technology applications such as UV222nm in the continuous research and exploration process, proposing more innovative and practical solutions for public health and infection control, and creating a better life with lighting technology.

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