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Research Validates that SafeGlo FAR-UVC Light Effectively Neutralizes Airborne Pathogens

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In the wake of recent years, the heightened transmissibility of the novel corona-virus, SARS-CoV-2, has exerted extraordinary pressure on healthcare systems worldwide. This scenario has led to prolonged, severe repercussions on the global economy, intensifying issues related to social welfare and public health. The prevention of airborne transmission of pathogens such as COVID-19 and the development of effective environmental control measures have emerged as universal challenges. Recent laboratory certifications by GMY suggest that SafeGlo's FAR-UVC light source could be instrumental in addressing these challenges.

Currently, public spaces such as hospitals, schools, and restaurants predominantly rely on traditional disinfection procedures to sanitize the air and surfaces. For instance, while traditional chemical disinfectants are broadly in use, they have notable drawbacks: they are highly dependent on manual handling, potentially leave hazardous chemical residues, and their disinfection efficacy tends to be transient rather than lasting. Consequently, it's evident that many traditional disinfection methods come with inherent limitations.

As an innovative UV disinfection solution, the Krypton Chloride Excimer Lamp, also referred to as a "FAR-UVC lamp," is considered a safe and promising alternative. This particular lamp emits UV light at a specific wavelength (typically around 222nm), known as Far-UVC. Laboratory studies have authenticated the bactericidal qualities of KrCl Excimer Lamp, confirming its ability to inactivate both Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria, drug-resistant bacteria, influenza viruses, and human coronaviruses, including SARS-CoV-2. Importantly, when UV light above 230nm is significantly reduced via filtration, the Krypton Chloride FAR-UVC Excimer Lamp is much less likely to induce acute adverse skin and eye reactions compared to the traditional 254nm germicidal UV light. To date, no study involving animal or human models has demonstrated any long-term health risks associated with this technology.


Despite laboratory data affirming the disinfection efficacy of FAR-UVC lamps, there is a lack of sufficient data on their effectiveness in real-world indoor environments. Therefore, as a proficient manufacturer and solution provider of UV products, GMY recently undertook safety and effectiveness tests on theSafeGlo 222nm UV lamp. The tests, validated by third-party laboratories, confirmed that the deployment of FAR-UVC lamps can efficiently inactivate indoor aerosol bacteria.



The experiment was conducted in spaces of 10 and 20 cubic meters, utilizing SafeGlo's 222nm 15W and 75W disinfection devices, with E. coli serving as the test bacteria in aerosols. The results revealed that in a 10 cubic meter space, a 15W 222nm light source reduced bacteria count by 87% after 5 minutes of exposure and by 98.7% after 10 minutes. In a 20 cubic meter space, a 75W 222nm light source resulted in a bacterial reduction of 99% after 5 minutes and 99.99% after 10 minutes.


Experimental data of 15W 222nm light source in 10 cubic meters space


Experimental data of 75W 222nm light source in 20 cubic meters space

These results indicate that FAR-UVC may offer remarkable, rapid real-time disinfection capabilities against common airborne viruses, including SARS-CoV-2. Consequently, FAR-UVC might emerge as an efficient and safe disinfection technology that reducing the need for human intervention while effectively lowering the risk of airborne disease transmission. This research not only lends further credibility to the safety and effectiveness of FAR-UVC disinfection but also furnishes empirical data to aid the design and development of FAR-UVC systems on an actual spatial scale.

With a dedicated focus on the research and manufacturing of lighting technology for over 20 years, GMY's experimental data from SafeGlo's FAR-UVC light source not only underscores GMY's innovative prowess in lighting technology applications but also underscores the significant role and immense potential of lighting technology in bolstering global public health initiatives. GMY holds a firm conviction that persistent technological advancements in lighting technology will act as a robust pillar, propelling the sustainable development of worldwide public health.

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