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Shanghai International Water Show GMY Invites You to Participate in the Prestigious Event with UV Technology

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The 16th Shanghai International Water Show will be held from June 3-5, 2024, at the Shanghai International Exhibition Center. The exhibition will span 190,000㎡, encompassing municipal, industrial, and water purification sectors. It is expected to host 2,500 industry-leading water treatment brands and attract over 100,000 domestic and international visitors from more than 100 countries.

As an industry leader, GMY is dedicated to providing optical technology solutions for the water treatment industry. At this exhibition (Booth: 6.1H684), we will showcase a series of innovative products.


Pure Water Treatment TOC Degradation Solution

Dual-Wavelength High-Dose UV Technology


(254nm + 185nm Low-Pressure UV Mercury Lamp)


(185nm TOC Degradation Flow Cell)

GMY's dual-wavelength (254nm + 185nm) high-dose UV technology is well-established and widely utilized in water purification systems, meeting the needs of ultrapure water preparation in various fields. The 254nm + 185nm low-pressure UV mercury lamp and 185nm TOC degradation flow cell radiate 254nm + 185nm UV light, degrading the total organic carbon (TOC) in water to ppb levels, enhancing water purity to ultrapure standards. This technology also achieves disinfection and efficient TOC degradation in one system.

172nm Excimer Lamp Ultrapure Water Treatment


(172nm TOC Degradation Flow Cell)


(172nm Excimer Lamp)

GMY's 172nm TOC degradation flow cell is a crucial component of the 172nm excimer lamp ultrapure water treatment solution. By radiating higher energy 172nm UV light, it achieves more efficient and faster TOC degradation, meeting higher standards for the removal of organic pollutants in ultrapure water systems.

Product Advantages:

- No secondary pollution, more environmentally friendly

- Stable quality, reliable delivery, large production capacity

- Small footprint, easy maintenance

- Widely applicable for the treatment of micropollutants in drinking water, decomposition of pesticide residues, photocatalytic degradation of textile dye wastewater, etc.

Sewage/Wastewater Disinfection Treatment Solution


(Fully Submersible UV Disinfection Lamp)


In sewage/wastewater treatment, GMY not only presents efficient UV water disinfection technology but also introduces dual-wavelength UV advanced oxidation technology for more efficient treatment of low-concentration organic pollutants.

Product Advantages:

- No involvement of any chemicals, environmentally friendly and safe

- Rapidly and effectively eliminate various bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms in water

- Long lifespan up to 12,000 hours

- Simple operation, low energy consumption, and low cost

- Widely applicable for integrated sewage and wastewater treatment projects, pharmaceutical wastewater treatment, medical wastewater treatment, etc.

Dual-Wavelength UV Advanced Oxidation Technology


(185nm High Ozone Low-Pressure Mercury Lamp)

This technology primarily leverages UV light (especially UV-C) to activate hydrogen peroxide (H₂O₂) or other chemical oxidants to produce hydroxyl radicals (-OH). Hydroxyl radicals have strong oxidizing properties and can effectively mineralize or degrade organic pollutants in wastewater, including pharmaceuticals, pesticides, dyes, etc.

Product Advantages:

- Utilizes advanced low-pressure mercury lamp technology

- High ozone production, fast reaction speed

- Low energy consumption design, effectively reducing operating costs

- Widely applicable for treating landfill leachate, cutting emulsions, high-concentration wastewater, microbial treatment in drinking water, decomposition of pesticide residues, etc.

GMY cordially invites all customers and partners to visit the 16th Shanghai International Water Show (Booth: 6.1H684). We will showcase various practical products and have professional technical staff to explain the product features and application advantages in detail. We look forward to discussing new industry trends and sharing innovative technological achievements with you at the exhibition, working together to create a better future.


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