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Sneak Peek into Canton Fair | GMY's Multifaceted Applications in Advanced Manufacturing with Lighting Technology

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Recently, at the 2023 World Manufacturing Conference, the rapid innovative achievements of China's manufacturing industry successfully drew global attention. China, hailed as the "Capital of World Manufacturing," has consistently pursued a development path characterized by "high-end, intelligent, and green," transitioning from traditional to advanced manufacturing.

A report from the China Listed Companies Association indicates that due to policy support and historical opportunities presented by China's industrial structural upgrade, there has been a continuous increase in the number of advanced manufacturing companies going public. Industries such as semiconductors, advanced machinery manufacturing, wind energy, photovoltaics, energy storage, and electrified transportation equipment have seen rapid growth among publicly listed companies.

Sneak Peek into the 134th Canton Fair

The reason behind China's lead in the rapidly evolving manufacturing world and maintaining its competitive edge is primarily its knack for staying in step with the times, integrating novel technologies into production. With this ethos, GMY, aiming to meet the stringent technical standards of advanced manufacturing, will showcase a series of innovative applications of light in advanced manufacturing at the upcoming Canton Fair on October 15th. These eco-friendly, efficient lighting technology solutions provide innovative technical support and services to the advanced manufacturing sector.

● Event Dates: October 15-19, 2023

● Venue: Pazhou Exhibition Center, Canton Fair

● Booth Number: 15.4 A21-22/B01-02

Light and Advanced Manufacturing

Currently, many core light sources used in advanced manufacturing primarily depend on foreign imports. However, given the fragmented development of the global geopolitical economy, global supply chains are frequently disrupted, posing significant challenges to advanced manufacturing. GMY, an innovative and customized solution provider in lighting technology, especially in advanced manufacturing, collaborates with users to develop comprehensive solutions. These include light cleaning, light curing, light modification, pure water treatment, and volatile organic compound processing. Leveraging its team's expertise and extensive experience, GMY is committed to fortifying supply chains and offering cost-effective lighting solutions tailored to needs.

01.Light Cleaning

GMY's light cleaning technology is based on the photochemical oxidation principle. By irradiating 172nm ultraviolet light onto organic surfaces, it generates free radicals. These radicals react with oxygen radicals, oxidizing the organic material into water and carbon dioxide, thereby effectively removing organic substances attached to the surface. GMY's UV light cleaning method, an innovative photochemical process, is eco-friendly and highly reliable. The cleaned surface can achieve an "atomic cleanliness" level.


Application areas: LCD components, semiconductor silicon wafers, integrated circuits, optical devices, solar cell manufacturing, bio-pharmaceuticals, micro-nanomanufacturing, and more.

02.Light Curing

At the core of GMY's excimer light curing technology is the high-energy radiation emitted by the excimer lamp producing 172nm ultraviolet light. This radiation breaks molecular bonds and promotes crosslinking reactions between different monomers, achieving functional curing of materials. Compared to traditional UV curing, 172nm excimer light curing can precisely control surface functional curing, and it's faster, greener, more energy-efficient, and superior in performance.


Application areas: Coating and bonding, printing, inkjet, 3D printing, packaging, and more.

03.Improved hydrophilicity

When the material surface is exposed to air, organic substances in the air will adhere to it, leading to aging phenomena on the material surface, presenting hydrophobic characteristics.Using GMY's lighting technology, oxygen molecules are targeted with high-energy ultraviolet light at a 172nm wavelength. This innovative process successfully eliminates hydrocarbon residues from the material's surface, intensifying its hydrophilic attributes. In contrast to conventional methods, this technique stands out for its eco-friendliness and significant reduction in energy and waste during production. Moreover, its contact-free method ensures the surface integrity of the material, preserving its innate performance and quality.

Hydrophobic Modification

Applications: Enhancing the hydrophilicity of materials like titanium, silicon wafers, aluminum foil, ITO glass bases, and various plastics (PP, PC, PE, PMMA, PET, PVC, PS).

04.Pure Water TOC Degradation Treatment

Pure water TOC degradation is an efficient method to remove organic substances from water. High-energy UV irradiation is a crucial step in obtaining ultra-pure water. GMY's 172nm UV oxidation technology utilizes advanced mercury-free UV technology to emit high-energy 172nm UV light, promoting the formation of free radicals in the water, which then oxidize organic substances into CO2 and H2O molecules. This achieves rapid TOC degradation, reducing its content in the water to the ppb level.

Pure Water TOC Degradation Treatment

Application areas: Total organic carbon (TOC) removal in ultrapure water production, micro-pollutant treatment in drinking water, pesticide residue decomposition, photocatalytic decolorization of textile dye wastewater, and high-purity ozone generation.

GMY's 172nm UV Excimer Lamp

GMYs 172nm UV Excimer Lamp

  • High energy efficiency: The excimer light source has a narrow bandwidth, high light efficiency, and concentrated energy, providing applications with high precision and intense light source.

  • Efficient processing: Its low-band characteristics ensure high-energy output for rapid processing.

  • Eco-friendly: Non-contact eco-friendly processing technology without secondary pollution.

  • Excellent quality: Strict quality control ensures high product stability and consistency.

  • Customizable: Tailored to various application needs.

Invitation to the 134th Canton Fair from GMY

Against the backdrop of the continuous rise in manufacturing, GMY, with over two decades of experience in lighting technology application research and manufacturing, is devoted to offering robust technical support to advanced manufacturing. At this Canton Fair, we cordially invite you to visit the GMY booth (Booth Number: 15.4 A21-22/B01-02) and explore the many possibilities of lighting technology in advanced manufacturing with us.

The 134th Canton Fair INVITATION

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