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GMY Halogen Lamps Drive Technical Innovation in Electrical Small Appliances

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With the improvement in living standards, there's a growing demand for small home appliances to enhance life's quality. In response to consumer upgrades, the small home appliance market has seen rapid growth in recent years, accompanied by faster product updates and more intense market competition. Consequently, product innovation and technological upgrades have become crucial for manufacturers to secure a market advantage.

With more than twenty years of experience in lighting technology R&D and manufacturing, GMY is dedicated to offering innovative and diverse lighting technology solutions to the small home appliance sector. Specifically for electric small appliances that require precise temperature control, such as aroma lamps, halogen ovens, and air fryers, GMY has developed a series of efficient halogen lamp heating solutions, enabling small appliance manufacturers to innovate technologically.

Aroma Lamp Heating Application

As the quest for improved quality of life continues, aroma lamps are becoming increasingly popular for their dual function of providing light and fragrance, their safety and convenience, and their stylish design. GMY's GU10 halogen lamp solution, with its stable and durable heating capabilities, efficiently melts wax candles, ensuring even and continuous fragrance release. It also creates a relaxed fragrance atmosphere through comfortable lighting.

Aroma lamp

Product Highlights

  • Select Materials for Quality: Ensures uniform light color, excellent focus, and durability.

  • High Color Rendering: Brings out true colors, offering natural and comfortable light, closely mimicking the natural light spectrum.

  • Customized Service: Offers professional customization services to meet unique needs.

  • Applicable Scenarios: Ideal for aromatherapy, candle melting, and indoor decorative lighting, etc.

Halogen Oven and Air Fryer Heating Application

In the realm of kitchen appliances, compact heating devices like halogen ovens and air fryers are increasingly preferred for their compactness, convenience, and energy efficiency. GMY uses the G9 halogen lamp as the core heating element for these appliances, achieving precise temperature control and uniform heating, which enhances cooking efficiency. Compared to traditional heating methods, GMY's G9 halogen lamp solution significantly reduces cooking time and energy consumption.

Halogen Oven lamp

Product Highlights

  • High Quality and Durable: Features high brightness and low power consumption design for durability.

  • Easy Installation: Comes with a standard G9 lamp base for quick replacement.

  • Stable and Safe: High-temperature resistance ensures safety during use.

  • Customized Service: Provides professional customization services to meet individual needs.

  • Broadly Applicable: Suitable for use in microwaves, ovens, air fryers, and other kitchen appliances.

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