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Invitation | Exclusive Preview of the Canton Fair Highlights

Views: 1005     Author: GMY     Publish Time: 2024-03-25      Origin: Site

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As the 2024 Guangzhou Trade Fair is poised to unfold from April 15th to 19th at the Pazhou Exhibition Center in Guangzhou, this premier global trade gathering will feature the latest innovations and products from across the globe, fostering international exchanges and collaboration. Through rigorous research and perpetual innovation in lighting technology, GMY has realized significant advancements in healthcare, industrial manufacturing, agricultural production, environmental conservation, among others, dedicating itself to enhancing lives through the power of light.

At the forthcoming Canton Fair, GMY is excited to unveil our most recent research breakthroughs and pioneering products in the realm of lighting technology. These highlights not only underscore our robust expertise in the practical applications of lighting technology but also offer a glimpse into its future evolutionary path. We warmly extend an invitation for you to join us at booth 15.4A21-22/B01-02, to jointly discover and experience these innovations.


Infection Control and Disinfection Series

Our UV disinfection solutions, tailored for diverse scenarios, effectively neutralize airborne odors and fulfill stringent disinfection standards. Boasting advanced technology, superior performance, and user-friendly operation, these products stand as vigilant protectors of sanitary safety within both communal and domestic settings.


Plant Lighting Series

Plant Lighting Solutions:

We provide a variety of product solutions tailored to the specific needs of different plants and their cultivation environments. Aimed at satisfying the photic requirements of plants, these solutions introduce products across a spectrum of light, creating the perfect photic conditions for plant growth.


Modular Container Hydroponics Planting System:

GMY's containerized modular planting system, specifically engineered for extreme climatic conditions, establishes a nomadic vegetable production foundation. This system, by integrating the management of light, water, nutrients, and other essential factors for plant growth within a single container, overcomes the challenges posed by time and climate, offering a consistent vegetable production setting anywhere. It's particularly apt for areas with restricted space, adverse environments, or remote locations.


Environmental Purification Series

GMY's latest advancement in nuclear radiation detection technology, centered around the Geiger counter as the primary light source, applies to a broad spectrum of fields including healthcare, residential, and industrial settings like oilfields, coal mines, and nuclear power stations. Characterized by its high sensitivity, robust stability, and compact design, this technology provides substantial and dependable technical support for nuclear radiation monitoring, safeguarding both the environment and human health.



Looking forward to your visit.

GMY Lighting Technology eagerly anticipates your visit to explore how lighting technology can revolutionize various sectors, facilitating collective industry advancement and life enhancement. We are confident that this interaction will deepen your understanding of lighting technology's potential and open avenues for profound collaboration with GMY.

Join us at the 2024 Canton Fair to welcome the promising future heralded by lighting technology. We are looking forward to your presence at booth 15.4A21-22/B01-02!


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