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Canton Fair Lighting Technology+ | LumiAgro Plant Lighting Solutions Lead the New Trend of Green Home Gardening

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In recent years, global food issues have received increasing attention. Ensuring food security has become an important issue for the international community when faced with the challenges of a growing world population and climate change. Developing agricultural technology is considered one of the key strategies to address the food crisis. Modern technology plays a crucial role in the process of agricultural industrialization. Countries around the world are striving to promote modern agriculture, aiming for green, low-carbon, and sustainable development, and improving agricultural yield and quality. Meanwhile, urban home cultivation is gaining more and more popularity.

As a subsidiary brand of GMY, LumiAgro has seized the trend of green development and sustainable agriculture. At the Canton Fair, the brand showcased its advanced plant lighting technology and a variety of innovative home intelligent planting machines, including the Adonis and Demeter series. LumiAgro is committed to improving modern agriculture's yield and profits through the power of light technology, meeting various planting needs, providing customers with efficient, environmentally friendly, and low-carbon innovative solutions, and promoting sustainable agricultural development.


(Learn More About LumiAgro : https://lumiagro.com)

LumiAgro Is Dedicated To The Integration Of Light Technology And Agriculture

LumiAgro focuses on developing vertical agriculture and has successfully obtained 19 patents and numerous awards through years of research and development. With a 6,000㎡ planting base, LumiAgro offers customized solutions for different plant species and production stages, covering home planting, supplementary lighting for facility agriculture, and overall solutions for plant factories and container modules.


Innovative Plant Lighting Solutions: Promoting Low-carbon Agricultural Production

In indoor agriculture, controlled environment agriculture, and urban agriculture environments, LumiAgro's professional planting supplementary lighting solutions use specialized plant spectra to simulate sunlight, enhancing plant growth efficiency and photosynthetic effects, and helping achieve low-carbon and efficient agricultural production. The Apollo series from LumiAgro offers a variety of plant supplementary lighting products, including FACHOI Lamps, Aquatic Plant Fill Light Lamps, PAR lamps, Flowering Lamps, Plant Growth Lamps, Succulent Growth Lamps, etc., to meet various agricultural and horticultural supplementary lighting needs. The Apollo series products feature professional plant spectrum formulas, easy installation, diverse product selection, durability, and energy efficiency, and are widely praised and recognized in agricultural planting and horticulture.


A New Chapter in Home Planting: Green Living at Your Fingertips

At the Canton Fair, LumiAgro's Adonis and Demeter series of home intelligent planting machines were highly sought after by domestic and foreign merchants. LumiAgro's home planting solutions integrate technology, environmental protection, health, and aesthetics, tailor-made for urban families and indoor spaces, leading the new trend of indoor planting. The Adonis and Demeter series products cater to various planting needs, making home and indoor planting more enjoyable and effortless.


These home intelligent planting machines have the advantages of water-saving, low energy consumption, no pesticide residues, and easy operation. They also adopt professional plant lighting technology to simulate sunlight, which enhances plant growth quality and speed, ensuring delicious vegetables and more abundant harvests.

LumiAgro home intelligent planting machines are not only suitable for different sizes of home kitchens (Adonis series for small kitchens, Demeter series for large kitchens) but are also widely used in offices, restaurants, educational institutions, medical institutions, and malls, bringing green planting fun and improving the quality of life. At the same time, they meet the green living needs of different environments, making green and healthy living part of every household.


Following the development trend of the times, LumiAgro empowers home planting and facility agriculture planting with light technology, helping sustainable agriculture achieve green development.

In the future, LumiAgro will continue to increase its research and development investment and constantly launch more innovative planting products to promote the development of green agriculture worldwide. At this Canton Fair, LumiAgro's home planter and professional agricultural supplementary lighting solutions will bring a brand new planting experience for domestic and foreign customers. GMY sincerely invites you to attend the 133rd Canton Fair (Booth: B Zone 10.3G37-G38 / H09-H10) to discuss how light technology can empower green and low-carbon new agriculture together. Let us jointly embark on a new world of green planting.

Creating Better Life with Light



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