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LED Succulent Lamp

Introducing the LED Succulent Grow Lights from GMY Manufacturing, specifically designed to promote growth and vibrant colors in your succulents. These energy-efficient lights provide the optimal spectrum for healthy growth and stunning pigmentation, ensuring your plants thrive and look their best. Enhance your succulent collection with GMY's innovative lighting solution.

LED Succulent Lamp
for succulent growth

Key Features

  • Customized Spectrum Ideal for supplementary lighting in succulent planting.

  • Encourages succulent growth without legginess.

  • Enhances coloration, resulting in vibrant succulent colors.

  • Simple installation and easy to use.

SKU codeModelVoltage     Power   IPSpectral rangePPFDSize
LAL00510WT8   0.3m 10W      AC100-240V             10W            IP20380-780nm17μmol/s300mm
LAL00520WT8   0.6m 20W    AC100-240V20W           IP20380-780nm34μmol/s600mm
LAL00526WT8   0.9m 26W      AC100-240V             26W       IP20380-780nm47μmol/s900mm
LAL00530WT8   1.2m 30W  AC100-240V30W            IP20380-780nm57umol/s   1200mm

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