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Tissue Culture Grow Light - LED Strip

The LumiAgro LED strip Tissue Culture Grow Light offers the finest LED lighting for tissue culture, featuring a customizable spectrum functionality. Serving as the perfect replacement for traditional fluorescent lights, our cutting-edge LED grow light ensures the highest performance in tissue culture applications.

Tissue Culture Grow Light - LED strip
for Tissue Culture

Key Features

  • Optimized spectrum for tissue culture seedlings

  • Enhanced seedling growth with robust roots and abundant root hairs

  • Darker green leaves with larger leaf area

  • Increases transplant adaptation survival rate

  • Shortens transplant adaptation time

  • Improves the quality of adapted seedlings

SKU codeModelVoltage     Power   IPSpectral rangePPFDSize
LAL00608WGrow Light Strip  8W 0.6m growth lightDC24V         8W IP20380-780nm    12μmol/s    600mm
LAL00615WGrow Light Strip  15W-0.9m growth lightDC24V       15W  IP20380-780nm    26μmol/s    900mm

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