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LED Grow Light PAR38

The LumiAgro PAR38 LED Grow Light, designed for seeds and greens, adapts to your plant's growth stage by providing a balanced light spectrum. Inspired by professional growers' best practices, our grow light uses a red:blue ratio that allows for optimal light harvesting by not only chlorophyll but other plant pigments as well. With a high photosynthetic photon flux (PPF), this light offers more energy for photosynthesis and growth, outperforming typical purple grow lights. The natural white light is pleasing to the human eye, allowing you to enjoy your plant's beauty and easily identify pests or discolorations, ensuring plant health. The versatile light spectrum suits both high-light plants, such as tomatoes and peppers, and low-light plants, like leafy greens and herbs, throughout their entire growth cycle.

LED Grow Light PAR38
for plant growth

Key Features

  • Customized special spectrum: LED full spectrum plant grow light to simulate sunlight.

  • Wide spectrum applicability: Close to the spectrum of sunlight, basically suitable for all plants in nature.

  • High optical performance parameters: High color rendering, high luminous efficiency lamp beads, high light intensity.

  • Compatible with various environments: Simple appearance, can be matched with various decoration styles, suitable for different scenes, elegant and decent.

  • Easy installation: Using the common E27 lamp holder, installation and replacement are done in one step.

SKU codeLAL004
Product namePAR38
Spectral range380-780nm
sizeφ   122x126mm

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