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Exclusive Preview of the 2023 Shenzhen International Disinfection Expo | GMY's UV Motion-Sensing Disinfection Ensures a Safe Medical Environment

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Public health safety is becoming increasingly important, especially in medical settings with high patient densities. Maintaining a clean and sanitary medical environment to prevent in-hospital transmission is crucial. As such, effective disinfection plays not only a pivotal role in ensuring the quality of medical care but also holds significant importance in infection control.

medical environment disinfection

Network diagram

In the upcoming 2023 Shenzhen International Medical Disinfection and Infection Control Equipment Exhibition, GMY will present a highly efficient and safe motion-sensing disinfection solution tailored for the medical and healthcare sector. GMY's motion-sensing disinfection solutions have been adopted in nearly 35 hospitals and medical institutions nationwide. They effectively eliminate a variety of bacteria and viruses, including the novel corona-virus. Compared to commonly used chemical disinfectants, these solutions also avoid the potential issues of chemical residues, offering a safer medical environment for healthcare professionals and patients.


01. 222nm Far-UVC — A New Disinfection Method Balancing Safety and Efficiency

Regarded as "Human-Safe UV", the 222nm Far-UVC technology offers the advantage of effectively disinfecting spaces while ensuring human safety, realizing "dynamic disinfection, coexistence of humans and machines, and real-time protection". Hence, the 222nm Far-UVC disinfection technique is particularly suited for high-traffic hospital areas such as elevators, corridors, reception areas, and lounges, providing continuous real-time safety and hygiene for the hospital environment.


Network diagram

During the test for safety and effectiveness of 222nm, globally recognized CSIR lab results indicated that GMY's SafeGlo 222nm UV light has been verified to kill the SARS-CoV-2 virus responsible for the COVID-19 outbreak.


At present, GMY's SafeGlo 222nm Far-UVC disinfection technology is widely adopted in various medical venues across the country. During the Winter Olympics, the Zhangjiakou venue of Peking University Third Hospital in Chongli employed the SafeGlo 222nm excimer lamp module disinfection door for the delivery robots, significantly reducing the risk of in-hospital virus transmission.

222nm disinfection Gate in Olympic Winter Games

In addition, GMY's SafeGlo 222nm Far-UVC disinfection solutions are also utilized in scenarios such as the Taiwan Catholic Cardinal Tien Hospital and quarantine hotels, receiving positive feedback and praise from numerous users.

222nm application

Due to the outstanding application results of the 222nm light source products in epidemic prevention tasks, in 2021, GMY's 222nm excimer lamp technology innovation and manufacturing design were recognized by the China Lighting Industry Association and awarded the "Science and Technology Innovation Second Prize" at the 16th China Lighting Award. Today, GMY's 222nm products are widely used in hospitals, quarantine hotels, large conference halls, restaurants, elevators, offices, convenience stores, food cold chain workshops, and many other scenarios.

222nm Far-UVC Intelligent Elevator Disinfection Lamp:

  • 222nm UV technology

  • Air + surface quick disinfection

  • 20 minutes disinfection rate of 99.9%

  • Purification space: more than 10 cubic meters

222nm far-uvc elevator disinfection lamp

02. 254nm UV Motion-Sensing Disinfection — The Eco-friendly Professional Choice

The 254nm UV motion-sensing disinfection technology is an environmentally friendly and efficient professional disinfection method. Compared to traditional chemical methods, this physical disinfection technique avoids the use of chemicals, ensuring no residues and preventing secondary pollution post-disinfection. Thus, 254nm UV motion-sensing disinfection technology is widely used in operating rooms, ICUs, and other critical medical areas, becoming the ideal choice for medical environmental disinfection.


During the large-scale outbreak in Wuhan, GMY provided efficient UV disinfection solutions for Leishenshan Hospital and several major hospitals in Wuhan. Particularly in Leishenshan Hospital, there was an urgent need for UV lamps for medical waste disinfection—a highly demanding task. The GMY team managed to deliver 2000 sets within 48 hours. Our partners commented, "GMY's contribution to the epidemic prevention and disinfection efforts is highly professional!"

leishenshan hospital medical waste disinfection

UVC Germicidal Chandelier

  • 254nm UV-C technology

  • Air + surface disinfection

  • Infrared + radar double sensing function

  • Purification space: over 40 cubic meters

0-UVC Disinfection Ceiling Light

Ultraviolet(UV) Germicidal Pendant Lamp

  • 254nm UV technology

  • Efficient disinfection of air and surfaces

  • Full-spectrum disinfection

  • Purification space:in excess of 40 cubic meters

disinfection ceiling lamp

Mobile Disinfection Vehicle

  • 254nm UV-C technology

  • Air + Surface disinfection

  • Purification space: over 40 cubic meters

disinfection vehicle

In the practical application of disinfecting medical spaces, as UV motion-sensing disinfection technology continues to innovate and evolve, this technology has been widely integrated into various medical scenarios, becoming the true "Guardian of Space Disinfection". For over 20 years, GMY has been dedicated to the research and manufacturing of lighting technology applications, possessing rich technical experience. As a professional manufacturer of UV products and solution provider, we eagerly anticipate in-depth exchanges with industry professionals at the exhibition, jointly promoting the innovative development of the medical motion-sensing disinfection industry. From August 29th to 31st, we look forward to welcoming you at the 2023 Shenzhen International Medical Disinfection and Motion-Sensing Equipment Exhibition (Booth: T085-2).

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