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GMY Plant Supplementary Lighting Technology: Enhancing the Quality of Chrysanthemum Cultivation

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As the fields of optics and botany progress, supplementary lighting technology for plants is gaining more attention in controlled environment agriculture. Beyond its application for common vegetables, fruits, and medicinal plants, this technology is also being adopted for cultivating flowers and plants like chrysanthemums, roses, and specific ornamental plants.

Significance of Lighting in Chrysanthemum Cultivation:

Taking chrysanthemum cultivation as an example, these flowers prefer shorter daylight periods and are sensitive to light cycles. Therefore, during the actual cultivation process, growers often use supplementary lighting to extend the illumination period for young chrysanthemums, thereby controlling their blooming time. This not only ensures that the plants initiate bud differentiation and bud nurturing simultaneously after reaching a certain size, enhancing the output quality, but also guarantees year-round production. 

By precisely controlling the blooming cycle of chrysanthemums through supplementary lighting technology, their alignment with market demands can be optimized, thus boosting economic returns. Thanks to its mature development and unique advantages, supplementary lighting technology is being more widely adopted in chrysanthemum cultivation.

application scenario

LumiAgro Chrysanthemum Supplementary Lighting Solution:

LumiAgro, a farming lighting brand under GMY, continues to delve into the relationship between light and plant growth, driving innovation from this insight. Tailoring to the specific growth patterns and lighting requirements of chrysanthemums, LumiAgro has launched a supplementary lighting solution. This technology replicates the sun's spectrum, creating an optimal lighting environment for chrysanthemums, thereby effectively enhancing their quality output. The GMY solution can be applied widely in various cultivation scenarios, from open fields to greenhouses.Chrysanthemum fill light

Key Features:

✔ Cost-effective: Low usage and maintenance costs;

✔ Quick Delivery: Ample stock for rapid shipment;

✔ Superior Quality: Outstanding stability and reliability;

✔ Omnidirectional High-transparency: Features high-transparency glass for 360°uniform and bright illumination, ensuring excellent lighting efficiency;

✔ Flowering Regulation: Helps synchronize the blooming time of chrysanthemums, improving the quality of cut flowers;

✔ High Color Rendering: Offers light that closely resembles natural conditions;

✔ Universal Bulb Base: Equipped with a standard E27 bulb base, simplifying installation and replacement.

In addition, based on different growth characteristics of plants, LumiAgro has designed a series of supplementary lighting products such as tissue culture lights, flowering lights, aquatic plant lamp, FACHOI lamp, and PAR lamp to cater to horticultural and various agricultural lighting needs.

a series of supplementary lighting products

GMY Lighting Technology:

Founded in 1998, GMY has specialized in the R&D and manufacturing of lighting technology applications. The company boasts a professional R&D team and has been recognized as a national "High-tech Enterprise", "Postdoctoral Research Workstation", "Guangdong Provincial Enterprise Technology Center", and "Guangdong Specialized, Fine, Unique and New SME".

GMY provides specialized products and services for medical disinfection and infection control, medical health, advanced manufacturing, environmental purification, livestock farming, and agriculture through its advanced light source components and technology solutions.

We're eager to collaborate with our partners to "Create a Better Life with Light". Continually elevating customer experience, creating value for our clients, and creating a mutually beneficial outcome between societal and commercial values.


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