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Light Technology Empowering Healthcare: The Application of GMY Medical Halogen Lamps

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With the advancement of technology, light technology plays an increasingly crucial role in our lives, bringing about numerous breakthroughs in the medical device industry, especially in the healthcare field.

Advantages and Applications of Halogen Lamps in the Medical Industry

Owing to their superior optical performance and stability, halogen lamps have been widely adopted in the medical industry. Key benefits include a broad spectrum range, natural illumination, high brightness, high-definition imaging capabilities, along with a long lifespan and low maintenance costs. Because of these attributes, halogen lamps significantly contribute to enhancing diagnosis and treatment outcomes, offering high-quality light sources, heating, and disinfection. Thus, they are extensively used in operating room lighting, diagnostic equipment, heating devices, phototherapy equipment, and sterilization devices.

halogen medical lamp06

Significant Role of Medical Halogen Lamps in Clinical Biochemical Analyzers

Clinical biochemical analyzers, laboratory instruments for analyzing chemical components in biological samples such as blood, urine, and other body fluids to assess physiological indicators, are widely used in medical diagnosis, disease monitoring, and treatment effect evaluation.

halogen medical lamp01

In these analyzers, medical halogen lamps are essential as key light source components. Since the analyzer primarily uses photoelectric colorimetry to detect chemical components in biological samples, the special light source - the medical halogen lamp - greatly impacts the accuracy and reliability of the analyzer.

halogen medical lamp07

Features of GMY Medical Halogen Lamp Products

In clinical biochemical analyzers, the stability of medical halogen lamp products is of paramount importance. A high-quality medical halogen lamp, with a stable light source, longer lifespan, resistance to electrical and environmental interference, excellent heat dissipation, and broad, uniform spectral output, ensures the accuracy and reliability of the analyzer.

With over 20 years of experience in lighting technology research and manufacturing, GMY started developing medical halogen lamps in early 2021, successfully launching production after over a year of efforts. These mature, highly stable products have reached international standards. Features of GMY medical halogen lamps include:

●Full Spectrum: Continuous spectrum from 300-800nm;

●High Stability: Stable operation time up to 10 minutes, spectral fluctuation within 0.2% range (Note: Requires high-precision power supply and stable environment);

●Low-voltage design, instant lighting;

●High brightness, uniform and comfortable light;

●High color rendering, true color reproduction;

●Lifespan >2000 hours.

halogen medical lamp03

GMY: Empowering Healthcare with Light Technology

GMY is committed to providing high-quality light technology solutions for the medical industry, promoting innovation and development in the healthcare field, and improving patients' diagnostic and treatment experience. Beyond medical halogen lamps, GMY offers a range of light source products and solutions such as infrared therapy devices and 308nm products to meet various medical needs.

Infrared Therapy Device

By radiating near-infrared light, it penetrates the skin and stimulates cells to produce more energy. It not only promotes blood circulation and cell metabolism but is also applicable for various types of therapy.

halogen medical lamp04

308nm Excimer Light Source

With strong penetration capabilities, the 308nm excimer light source can reach the shallow depth of the dermis. It can effectively eliminate vitiligo symptoms and gradually restore the tissue structure of the damaged skin area to normal.

halogen medical lamp05

GMY, illuminating the path to health with light technology, adheres to a people-oriented, technology-leading philosophy, injecting unceasing vitality into the continuous advancement of the healthcare field.

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