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GMY Welcomes You to the 2023 Shenzhen International Medical Disinfection and Infection Control Equipment Exhibition

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With the rising emphasis on public health safety in recent years, the disinfection sector has seen unprecedented opportunities and consistent growth. To further boost the development of the medical disinfection and infection control equipment industry, the 2023 Shenzhen International Disinfection Expo will be inaugurated on August 29 at the Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center, offering a global platform for networking and collaboration.

As an outstanding enterprise in the realm of lighting technology, GMY boasts a rich heritage in ultraviolet technology R&D and manufacturing. At this forthcoming event, GMY will unveil a plethora of flagship products and solutions in infection control and disinfection, aiming to spotlight the innovative applications of lighting technology in this domain.


Spotlight Preview – GMY's Infection Control and Disinfection Solutions

To cater to diverse disinfection requirements across various fields and scenarios, GMY will launch its SafeGlo ultraviolet disinfection series at the expo. This includes 254nm dedicated spatial disinfection, domestic UV disinfection, 222nm far-ultraviolet disinfection, and UV-based water purification solutions, extending robust and efficient hygiene assurances to the disinfection sector.

01. 254nm Dedicated Spatial Disinfection

Targeting public areas like offices, school classrooms, public eateries, and hospitals with high footfall, GMY will introduce its dedicated 254nm spatial disinfection strategy. Utilizing potent 254nm ultraviolet rays, this approach can effectively neutralize pathogens such as E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus, and the flu virus, achieving a disinfection efficiency of up to 99.9%.

UVC Germicidal Chandelier

∆ UVC Germicidal Chandelier

Mobile Disinfection Vehicle

∆ Mobile Disinfection Vehicle

∆ UV-C Germicidal Lamp Fixture (T5)

∆ UV-C Germicidal Lamp Fixture (T5)

02. Domestic UV Disinfection

GMY will showcase the SafeGlo range of household UV disinfection solutions, tailored to meet the diverse needs of families and individuals. These products are specifically engineered for residential spaces, adeptly eliminating airborne pathogens and fostering a wholesome and comfortable living ambiance.

SafeGlo UVC Table Lam

∆ SafeGlo UVC Table Lamp

SafeGlo Vigor Air Purifier

∆ SafeGlo Vigor Air Purifier

SafeGlo PEP Purifier

∆ SafeGlo PEP Purifier

03. 222nm Far-Ultraviolet Disinfection

GMY's pioneering 222nm far-ultraviolet disinfection solution employs the avant-garde 222nm far-UV technology. This tech optimally blends efficiency with safety, exterminating airborne pathogens while ensuring user safety, encapsulating the principles of "on-the-go disinfection, human-machine harmony, and instantaneous protection."

Elevator Smart Far-UV Disinfection Light

∆ Elevator Smart Far-UV Disinfection Light

222nm Excimer Lamp

∆ 222nm Excimer Lamp

04. Water Dispenser Disinfection

Addressing the purification needs of household, community, or institutional drinking water, GMY has crafted an effective UV light solution specifically for water dispensers. By emitting rapid, potent UV radiation, it proficiently obliterates waterborne pathogens. Its strategic placement inside the dispenser's tubing ensures thorough disinfection during water transit.

UV-C Lamp for Drinking Water

∆ UV-C Lamp for Drinking Water

For the past two decades, GMY has been at the forefront of R&D and manufacturing in lighting technology applications, rendering professional solutions and unparalleled service to its clientele. As the 2023 Shenzhen International Medical Disinfection and Infection Control Equipment Exhibition approaches, GMY is eager to delve into the latest advancements and research in disinfection with a wider audience, collectively fostering the sustained progression of the disinfection industry. (Visit GMY at Booth: T085-2).

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