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Is your toilet closed today?

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The Harvard School of Public Health published papers:

Whether or not a vaccine can be developed,

The new crown virus may accompany mankind until 2025.

So, can human beings get rid of the new coronavirus after 2025?

No, we'll just get used to it then

This kind of isolated lifestyle...


No, some time ago, Guangzhou CDC has conducted an epidemiological investigation

  8 people in 4 households in urban villages in Guangzhou were found to be infected


totally unexpected!

The reason turned out to be: manure pollution.


The earliest cases were 1 family with 2 people,

In the follow-up investigation, 3 cases and 6 cases were discovered one after another.

Very strange

They all live on the lower floors, and their travel paths do not overlap.

The house is back to back, and there are no windows in between.

There is no intersection! This is really weird!


After investigation,

The feces of the first two cases contaminated my toilet!

And after the toilet flushed the virus,

As the hole in the PVC pipe flows to the ground on the first floor

In addition, a two-story building with two people is located on a higher ground,

It rained heavily 2 days after the onset of the case,

The dung water spread to the two buildings behind the lower ground.


Really hard to guard against

Who would have thought that the virus would spread through public channels

If your excrement from upstairs,

It will spread harmful gases, bacteria, and viruses through public drains.

At this time, if your toilet is not covered and disinfected in time,

Bacteria and viruses will follow the trend and fill the entire bathroom.


There are many pathogenic microorganisms on the toilet seat

Including Staphylococcus, Norovirus, Escherichia coli and Shigella, etc.

Therefore, the disinfection of the toilet must not be taken lightly

You can use chlorine-containing disinfectant (such as 84 disinfectant) to clean the toilet

If you think the traditional way is too cumbersome

It is better to use ultraviolet disinfection lamp to disinfect the toilet regularly

To prevent the virus from spreading in the air


Guangmingyuan portable ultraviolet germicidal lamp

Three gear timing function

Freely according to the size of the room

Choose the right disinfection time

It will automatically close after disinfection, flexible and convenient

10 second delay function

Allow users to leave the room calmly,

Don't worry about UV radiation

30m wireless remote control through the wall

Both doors, windows and walls can be operated

Double guarantee, safe and worry-free



"Poor quality UV germicidal lamp

Not only can’t have the effect of sterilization and disinfection

There are still serious security risks"

Guangmingyuan's UV germicidal lamp products and other aspects

With more than 20 years of R&D and production technology accumulation

Is a very trustworthy brand!


Toilet hygiene should not be underestimated

Whether it is epidemic prevention or not, it must be clean and hygienic

Including usually closed wardrobes, storage rooms, kitchens, etc.

Need regular disinfection

Guangmingyuan household ultraviolet germicidal lamp

Ensure the safety of the home environment and restore a better home life

Creating Better Life with Light



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